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Written by Ed Williams

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3. France - France feigns true love for us, but thumbs their nose in our direction every chance they get. Were it not forrepparttar United States they’d most likely still be goose-stepping, but their memories appear to have dimmed considerably regarding their fairly recent past. Even today, I’m convinced that if France were attackedrepparttar 141491 first thing they’d do is place a frantic call torepparttar 141492 United States to enlist our help. And if I were President Bush, I’d tell them that I was busy eating lunch and to go take it up withrepparttar 141493 United Nations. Then I’d finish my sandwich.

4. Squabbles inrepparttar 141494 Senate betweenrepparttar 141495 Democrats and Republicans - Honestly, I’ve never understood whyrepparttar 141496 will of 40 people overridesrepparttar 141497 will of 50 plus people. I’ve felt this way through bothrepparttar 141498 Democratic and Republican regimes ofrepparttar 141499 past, and I’ll continue to feel this way on out intorepparttar 141500 future. Maybe we should base each senator’s salary onrepparttar 141501 number of issues they tackle during each session of Congress, perhaps that would fire a few of ’em up and prompt them into doing something that would help us all. Watching these grown men and women argue about how long they can argue with each other over issues makes about as much sense asrepparttar 141502 strapping on of a chastity belt before entering a house of ill repute, and that’s me being really nice about it.

Okay, that should be more than enough of this for awhile. To me, talkin’ about Elvis, women, The Brotherhood, and hamdogs is far more interesting than writing about this kind of stuff. So folks, don’t ask me to do this again, or, if a lot of y’all do, I swear that I’ll write a column somewhere downrepparttar 141503 road filled with interesting quotes from some of Gerhardt Schroeder’s greatest speeches!

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Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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That is another way of demeaningrepparttar quest for honesty - simply put it down to a 'natural human act' whenrepparttar 141300 essence of cronyism is againstrepparttar 141301 good of society or of questionable ethic. Reading Hegel and Machiavelli gives one great insight into how well our leaders use and train us to be justrepparttar 141302 kind of unethical people that will accept what they do in a big way. Thus we are accepting of it because we are used to doingrepparttar 141303 same kind of thing. If you don't know your soul there is room to justify even incest and rape (especially in war). The dialectic or 'playing both ends againstrepparttar 141304 middle' is so well refined that we could easily be convinced there really is no better way - givenrepparttar 141305 nature ofrepparttar 141306 human beast. Recentlyrepparttar 141307 coverage blackout onrepparttar 141308 Bilderbergs (started inrepparttar 141309 early 50s by Prince Bernhard ofrepparttar 141310 Netherlands as forwarded byrepparttar 141311 OSS -repparttar 141312 nation notrepparttar 141313 religious land [nether-land].) was lifted and Katharine Graham’s control ofrepparttar 141314 U.S. publishing interests seems to have diminished as a result. However, there are those who expectrepparttar 141315 'octopus' or Medusa has grown a new arm or head. The Masonic Order does this every time they get a little too well known and whenever an organization has a certain number of members.

Thus we will see that they really are just important world leaders getting together and we will therefore reasonably expect that is all they ever were. Cecil Rhodes 'Round Table' even had a newsletter, and his Committee of 300 truly had allrepparttar 141316 best ofrepparttar 141317 leaders. Who could suspect them of arranging wars (likerepparttar 141318 Boer War that A & E has recently laid at his feet) in order to sell armaments or finance new political regimes like Hitler and Stalin (Rothschilds money went to both). Today it may berepparttar 141319 IMF or World Bank andrepparttar 141320 arbitrage that providesrepparttar 141321 insiders with all their productive output and interest earned. Who can sayrepparttar 141322 rich really deserve allrepparttar 141323 tax breaks or national sweetheart deals and matching funds?

Cecil Rhodes is an outgrowth of a high Masonic club that was supposedly outlawed in Bavaria and we will touch on Adam Weisthaupt and his Illuminati some more. They were founded on May 1st ofrepparttar 141324 same yearrepparttar 141325 U.S. Declaration of Independence (the famous one, rather thanrepparttar 141326 Mecklenburg one from North Carolina a year before) was instituted. May Day celebrations in Russia are held on that day for no other particular reason, are they? Wow! That is 'heavy' conspiracy talk, and I must be one of 'those who spend their lives looking for evil' as Barrett does say. But isn't thatrepparttar 141327 job of security people? And tell me who protects citizens andrepparttar 141328 average Joe?

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