Are you trying to succeed online without the tools you must have?

Written by Jeffrey Lant

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* Question: Do you have oncall technical support? / / Yes / / No

I don't know about you, but I hate it when I need technical support for something I've purchased and I just cannot break through to a living human being. It really irks me.

The Internet is a technical environment. Like it or not, things are not always going to work right. You're not always going to understand everything. You're not always going to know what to do and how to do it. That's why you need a relationship with a company that provides you with friendly, accessible, understandable technical support when you need it. Without it, you're on your own -- and that can be a very uncomfortable feeling!

* Question: Do you have unrelenting prospect follow-up? / / Yes / / No

Unrelenting, systematic follow-up is what distinguishesrepparttar people who are going to make it in business from those who aren't. Right now do you haverepparttar 117796 means available to connect with your prospects up to 25 times in a 90 day period? Can you send them automated, personalized follow-up? Or are you trying to handle your follow-up on a case-by-case, catch-as-catch-can basis, never quite sure who got what and what you're supposed to send today? If that's how you're handling your follow up, you're doomed.


The Internet is going to be a part of our lives forever. It has already created and will create THOUSANDS of millionaires. These smart people understandrepparttar 117797 environment and haverepparttar 117798 necessary tools for online success. Without them, you've merely created a no-win situation for yourself, fraught with frustration, irritation and defeat, like mowing your lawn without a mower, pulling out one blade at a time.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant is Co-Founder and CEO of Worldprofit, Inc. at For FREE subscriptions to Dr. Lant's & Worldprofit online business newsletters, go to For Dr. Lant's Sure-Fire Business Success Catalog, visit

"Action - The Most Important Secret To Online Success"

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

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Once in a while I find myself looking for an excuse not to do something: not to write an article, not to work onrepparttar next issue of my newsletter, not to send out partnership proposals...

When this happens, I try to analyzerepparttar 117795 reason.

As a rule, it happens becauserepparttar 117796 task is either too time-consuming (which means I have to find a way to automate it) or I simply don't knowrepparttar 117797 step-by-step procedure of doing it and find excuse not to sit down and learn.

For example, I never got to learn how to use WebPosition Gold,repparttar 117798 Search Engine optimization software. When I pin-pointedrepparttar 117799 reason (steep learning curve) I immediately chose another, a more fast and convenient way of optimizing and submitting my web pages.

So if you don't feel like doing something in your business, find outrepparttar 117800 reason. Is it because:

- it's too hard? - it's too time-consuming? - you don't know how to do it? - you don't enjoyrepparttar 117801 subject? - you truly lackrepparttar 117802 time?

When you narrow downrepparttar 117803 true reason for your lack of action, try to find an alternative. For example, hire someone else to do it for you or drop less profitable parts of your business and use that time to complete this important task.

Think "action" - because if you don't act, you will never know if your idea was, indeed, a profitable one.

Milana Nastetskaya is a web developer, book author and a web consultant. Find out how she can help you grow your business on the Internet by going to

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