Are you thinking of republishing RSS feeds?

Written by Allan Burns

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The general guidelines Rok Hrastrnik has provided state thatrepparttar article title must link back torepparttar 105970 original article. Ifrepparttar 105971 RSS feeds contains a complete article only an excerpt, Rok suggests 100 to 200 words, can be republished. A link should be provided torepparttar 105972 article source,repparttar 105973 website ofrepparttar 105974 original publisher.

Further to this it is suggested that no archives are kept onrepparttar 105975 republished site and no full articles are used. I would suggest permission is sought fromrepparttar 105976 original author if you wish to keep an archive on your site.

You can follow this discussion further at PR meetsrepparttar 105977 WWW and Micro persuasion.

Allan is the webmaster at an RSS resource for webmasters. Learn how to use RSS to attract and retain visitors to your site.

Is Click Fraud Really a Problem?

Written by Tommy Maric

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The key point is that click fraud is already taken into effect when advertisers selectrepparttar highest amount they will bid. For instance, there is no difference whether an advertiser pays $0.83/click for 121 clicks with 21 being fraudulent, or $1.00/click for 100 clicks when there is absolutely no fraud. In either case,repparttar 105969 advertiser pays $100 and generates a profit of $20, and Overture and/or Google make $100. What changes isrepparttar 105970 advertiser’s yield (e.g.,repparttar 105971 percent of clickers who purchasedrepparttar 105972 book) which in turn effects their highest bid price. That is, with fraud, 30 out of 121 clickers (24.8%) purchasedrepparttar 105973 book, and without fraud 30 out of 100 clickers (30%) purchased it. Without fraud,repparttar 105974 bid price in an efficient market will rise from $0.83 to $1.00.

In summary, online advertisers must focus on analyzing and improving their internal metrics (e.g., conversions) and not worry about click fraud as it is already incorporated into keyword bid prices. Hopefully,repparttar 105975 frivolous lawsuits and refund requests spawned by apparent click fraud will end as those inrepparttar 105976 industry recognize this undeniable fact.

Tommy Maric is the manager of is designed to help webmasters maximize their profits using Google’s Adsense™ program. Through extensive research, develops up-to-date databases of the most popular keywords and their accompanying bid prices. For more information, please visit

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