Are you sending out your business cards to prospective customers? Sonia Colon

Written by Sonia Colon

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*Bill payments (Yes, attach a business card to all of your outgoing bill payments. In fact, its known thatrepparttar person who receives your bill payment is not alwaysrepparttar 117217 same person each time!) *Dental Office *Laundry Room *Supermarket Bullentin Board *Cleaners

These are just a few places. Be creative and send your business cards to as many places you can think of. Potential customers areeverywhere! Good luck.

Sonia Colon owns and operates Jimson Products and My Jimson Products Ezine. This ezine provides powerful internet marketing concepts, successful business articles, business resources, affordable advertising space, FREE stuff and so much more! You can contact Sonia at

I've Started My Own Online Businesss...Now What? Sonia Colon

Written by Sonia Colon

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*Do you have a testimonial page on your site?

*Do you offer a money back guarantee?

*Is it safe to order at your site?

*Is your site pleasant to visit? In other words, dorepparttar colors compliment each other?

*Is your site easy to navigate?

*Do your images download fast? This makes a big difference on whether your visitors will stay, let alone return!

Answer these questions and you'll be surprised withrepparttar 117216 results. If you've answered YES to all of them, congratulations you're onrepparttar 117217 right track. Keep in mind that you need to constantly advertise both online and off to getrepparttar 117218 word out about your online business. Also, having your own EZINE is a great marketing tool. Work on it and see for yourself. If you tackle these small but very important areas of your online business, you should have a better chance to keeping your visitors coming back and turning them into potential customers, which translate into SUCCESS!

Sonia Colon owns and operates Jimson Products. An affordable online specialty gift store. She has been an online business entrepreneur for 7 years. Sonia Colon is author/publisher of "My Jimson Products Ezine' that provide powerful marketing concepts and much more! Visit her site at: She is also an ebay member at:

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