Are you scaring away potential customers?

Written by Chris Rawluk

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information on pricing. <> Salesperson from an Internet company calls and introduces their product. We are interested in learning more and request information be e-mailed to us. They call back three days later and ask for our e-mail address. Our e-mail address and contact information are prominently displayed on our site. These examples wouldn't seem as absurd ifrepparttar inquiries had come from traditional firms not yet familiar withrepparttar 127503 Internet. But ALL of these examples came from Internet firms (Many of them public companies - Watch your money!). The leading edge ofrepparttar 127504 dot com economy? I think not. Of course there's always a bright side. The more idiots out there trying to do business online,repparttar 127505 less competition for you. Here are three rules of thumb that, in our not-so-humble opinion, can make or break your online sales. <> Provide ALLrepparttar 127506 details of your product on your web site. Include every possible detail and specification. Don't wasterepparttar 127507 customer's time and they won't waste yours. The Internet is about information on demand andrepparttar 127508 consumer is more demanding than ever. <> Post your prices on your web site. I repeat. Post your prices on your web site. Nobody wants to jump through hoops to buy your product. Most potential customers won't inquire about price unless your product is very specialized. <> Know your product and your industry. If you're not an expert, customers will see right through you. Simple? Absolutely. Yet it's amazing how many companies have no clue. If you play byrepparttar 127509 rules you will sell more. The Internet consumer can be very generous to those who do.

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Written by Bob Leduc

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SPECIAL BENEFIT: When you deliver results as a specialist you also establish yourself as an expert in your field. Customers will automatically refer other prospects to you. They value what you did for them and they're confident you can deliverrepparttar same results for others.


Becoming a specialist is easier than you may think. You can accomplish it in 3 simple steps:

1. Divide your primary market into several narrowly defined markets.

2. Take each market, one at a time, and learn everything you can aboutrepparttar 127502 prospects in it.

3. Revise your marketing approach and selling materials to appeal torepparttar 127503 specific needs of prospects in each new market. Use their own unique language and style of communication.

TIP: Existing customers who matchrepparttar 127504 profile of prospects in a market you've targeted can help you develop your sales approach for that market. Contact some of them and ask why they bought your product or service. What do they like best about it? Why did they choose you instead of a competitor? They'll give you a lot of information you can use to develop your appeal to other prospects who are like them.

You'll always have competitors. But you don't have to lower your price to compete with them. Instead, become a specialist and cater to prospects in a narrowly defined targeted market. Your understanding and insight into their unique situation will establish you asrepparttar 127505 expert in your field. They'll want to do business with YOU even if you don't offerrepparttar 127506 lowest price.

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