Are you ready for home ownership?

Written by Syd Johnson

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Build up equity. Owning a home is like setting up an automatic savings account. Each mortgage payment is like making a small deposit into a bank account that secures your future. After two or three years you can userepparttar built up equity to purchase more properties or get an equity line of credit in case of emergencies or a sudden job loss. All of these possibilities are options that are not available to renters.

Build ties in your community Home ownership is on ofrepparttar 150845 signs that you have fully matured and are ready settle down. You will probably remain in your first home for at least a couple of year so you will have an incentive to participate in your community as a way to protect your financial investment. As you are building up your homeowners’ equity, you are also building relationships within your local community and that benefits you, your neighbors and your city or county. It isrepparttar 150846 ultimate sign of responsibility.

These are just a few things that should keep in mind if you’re wondering if home ownership isrepparttar 150847 right thing for you.

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Florida Real Estate Exploding For 15+ More Years?

Written by Chris Anderson, PhD

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Now if you are familiar withrepparttar Florida real estate of yesteryear, you would have to assume that most of this population growth is from fixed, low income, retirees that are coming intorepparttar 150820 state. Wrong again. Today, and inrepparttar 150821 foreseeable future, you actually have very wealthy individuals coming intorepparttar 150822 state, possibly for long term retirement. The difference is they have lots of money, are willing to spend it, and are accustomed to nice life styles.

Whenever there is money flowing, then you obviously create business opportunities and job growth. As a consequence, many locations in Florida are exploding withinrepparttar 150823 20-40 year old age group. With this kind of real world demand floating around,repparttar 150824 opportunities are endless for savvy Florida real estate investors.

Of course, you can not just blindly make investment choices, especially if you live outside ofrepparttar 150825 state. Some areas have become investor dominated and could be a bit scary inrepparttar 150826 shorter time scale. Overrepparttar 150827 longer time scale however,repparttar 150828 future looks very bright, especially inrepparttar 150829 area of land investments and affordable housing.

Inrepparttar 150830 Learning Annex class in NYC, my suggestion to investors interested in Florida real estate is either learn how they can use preconstruction investing to easily make investments in Florida or else move and get involved in more active investing styles. For preconstruction investing,repparttar 150831 trick is to 1) find an emerging area poised to explode, 2) find a project within that area that is high demand and is in preconstruction, 3) riderepparttar 150832 appreciation curve while you may not even own (yet)repparttar 150833 property. People have made money byrepparttar 150834 boatload overrepparttar 150835 last few years doing exactly that and "aw shucks, we only have another 15+ years to go before it runs out".

Now do you wantrepparttar 150836 really good news? This is not just limited to Florida real estate! In our group, we are making multiple investments in many locales all being driven byrepparttar 150837 baby boomer shift and its far reaching impacts. In my opinion, if you want real estate investing to be a major factor in your financial future, learn whatrepparttar 150838 boomers want and then buy in front of them.

Dr. Chris Anderson is a co-founder of and is referenced in many venues including the New York Times and USA Today. Download his free, 30+ page preconstruction investing ebook today at Get Preconstruction e-Book

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