Are you lacking Self-Discipline ? - Part 2

Written by Carl Cholette

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By self-discipline a man attains to every degree of virtue and holiness, and finally becomes a purified son of God, realising his oneness withrepparttar central heart of all things. Without self-discipline a man drifts lower and lower, approximating more and more nearly torepparttar 149660 beast, until at last he grovels, a lost creature, inrepparttar 149661 mire of his own befoulment. By self-discipline a man rises higher and higher, approximating more and more nearly torepparttar 149662 divine, until at last he stands erect in his divine dignity, a saved soul, glorified byrepparttar 149663 radiance of his purity. Let a man discipline himself, and he will live; let a man cease to discipline himself, and he will perish. As a tree grows in beauty, health, and fruitfulness by being carefully pruned and tended, so a man grows in grace and beauty of life by cutting away allrepparttar 149664 branches of evil from his mind, and as he tends and developsrepparttar 149665 good by constant and unfailing effort.

As a man by practice acquires proficiency in his craft, sorepparttar 149666 earnest man acquires proficiency in goodness and wisdom. Men shrink from self-discipline because in its early stages it is painful and repellent, andrepparttar 149667 yielding to desire is, at first, sweet and inviting; butrepparttar 149668 end of desire is darkness and unrest, whereasrepparttar 149669 fruits of discipline are immortality and peace.

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A Matter of Sight and Insight

Written by John Harricharan

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I tookrepparttar testrepparttar 149587 next day and got an "A". From that day on, I realized thatrepparttar 149588 circumstances and events around us somehow reflected our inner landscape. That perspective is important and by changingrepparttar 149589 way I look at my world, I could change my very world.

Decades have come and gone since that first year in college. I have acquired various degrees in chemistry, mathematics and business and have worked inrepparttar 149590 hallowed halls of corporate America. I have written best-selling books and have lectured from Sydney, Australia to San Francisco, California; from Bali, Indonesia to Bombay, India.

There are many things I have done and still many more I have left undone. Yet, wherever I go or whatever I do, I use as one of my guideposts in life, "It's better to light one candle than to curserepparttar 149591 darkness." Those words have stood me in good stead throughrepparttar 149592 darkest nights of my soul.

I heard again Dr. Dooley's voice when I stood atrepparttar 149593 deathbed of my wife. It kept my company throughrepparttar 149594 loss of my business. It was with me when my car was repossessed and when they foreclosed on my house.

Times have changed dramatically since my journeys throughrepparttar 149595 "Valley ofrepparttar 149596 Shadow." But have times really changed or have I changedrepparttar 149597 way I look at things? Life is a lot more pleasant now or could it be that I have learned how to look at life differently?

Changerepparttar 149598 way you look at life and life will appearrepparttar 149599 way you look at it. Look forrepparttar 149600 good in everything andrepparttar 149601 good in everything will look right back at you. The way I figure it, you could beraterepparttar 149602 thorns onrepparttar 149603 rosebush or tenderly pick a rose and enjoy its beauty.

Perspective, choose it and use it. Use it or lose it. The Universe is biased on your side. Trustrepparttar 149604 process.

Lecturer, entrepreneur and MBA business consultant, John Harricharan is the author of the award-winnin*g book, "When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat." You can find John's very special private site at

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