Are you in the right business?

Written by Kara Kelso

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If you feel you are struggling due to being inrepparttar wrong type of business, take a step back. Act as though you have no business, and are looking forrepparttar 149064 first time. What are you looking for in a business? What type of products do you like? You can download our free ebook, Choosing Your Direct Sales Business for help with questions to ask yourself:

After you have answered some ofrepparttar 149065 most important questions and realized exactly what type of business you should be in, compare it to your current business. Does it match up, or isrepparttar 149066 company you are inrepparttar 149067 cause of your major problems? Now it's not to say this company is BAD - it's just notrepparttar 149068 right fit for you. For example, if you are with a company that deals mostly online, this company would be perfect for those that do not like to promote offline, but of course not good for those that do.

There are literally hundreds of direct sales companies and more opening every day. You can find just about any product with direct sales - from candles, to food, to greeting cards, and even decorative bags! Succeeding with one is just a matter of findingrepparttar 149069 one that matches you and your needs.

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Interior Decorating For Fun & Profit!

Written by Randy Wilson

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Now that you have decided what services you will provide andrepparttar cost for each, it is time to advertise. Since you have contacted suppliers, ask them if you can leave interior decorating flyers and business cards at their locations. If these suppliers have seen your work, and make sure they do, they may also refer their customers to you.

You should also contact realtors, new homebuilders, business offices, stores, hotels and just about anywhere that uses an interior that needs to be decorated. Send each a letter announcingrepparttar 149009 opening of your business, make sure there is a name onrepparttar 149010 letter and envelope, and not a generic “Business Owner” opening. Follow up with a phone call and try to get an appointment to present them with information about you and your interior decorating business. Even if they are not interested right now, they will be inrepparttar 149011 future, and you want to make sure they remember you.

You can also offer services inrepparttar 149012 way of teaching a class on home interior decorating. Many community colleges offer personal enrichment classes for everyone inrepparttar 149013 community. Inrepparttar 149014 class have each person pick a room in their home they want to redecorate. Byrepparttar 149015 end ofrepparttar 149016 class, their room should be complete and you will have more happy customers to spreadrepparttar 149017 word about you and your business.

Once you have started your business, you should subscribe to trade periodicals, and visit websites to get interior decorating tips and ideas from others inrepparttar 149018 industry. You should purchase books about different areas of decorating and techniques you can use.

Many ofrepparttar 149019 industry associations will only accept members that are licensed Interior Designers. Keep this in mind when you are planning your future goals, but remember there are also many successful interior designers who are not licensed.

With your thoughts now racing about interior decorating, costs, marketing and keeping up with trends, you seem to have made your decision. Start calling competitors, and decorating friends and family’s homes. Open your own interior designing business now.

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