Are you in control of your online destiny?

Written by Marc Goldman

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is more valuable. Whether this is true or not is really a moot point,repparttar fact remains that people will pay a higher price for such products. This is important point #3: People will pay a higher price if they perceive one product is more valuable than another (ie an information report may sell for $19.95 while a report, 2 videos and 4 cdroms can sell for close to 300 dollars). To create and deliver audio products onrepparttar 127479 internet, you could utilize tools available to you online to create downloadable audio files that your customers could access instantly. There is a tool known as Real Audio which has not been used to it's full potential yet. You could use this tool available from and offer your audio information immediately so that when customers buy your product, they can instantly access it. This is key, andrepparttar 127480 future of product development and delivery onrepparttar 127481 web will be centered around digital fulfillment of information products. When your customers can "hear"repparttar 127482 information that they seek in minutes instead of days or weeks, this will cause a serious sales explosion for you. That is important point number 4: The faster you can deliver your product intorepparttar 127483 hands of your customerrepparttar 127484 better your chances of makingrepparttar 127485 sale. Another tool that has been used to avoid writing and assist in creating greater perceived value is video. For many years, great product developers have used video to demonstrate "How To" information and to offer more visual and audio cues to their customers. Translated torepparttar 127486 web, you can also use Real Video (the counterpart to Real Audio) or Vivo Player to transfer your video content torepparttar 127487 net. The concept remainsrepparttar 127488 same, you find a want, you createrepparttar 127489 product and then you offer instantaneous access overrepparttar 127490 web. Your target market will eat this up. Try to be different from what your competition is selling. If everyone is selling ebooks on how to market onrepparttar 127491 net, it is going to be very difficult for you to compete. However, if you can use some ofrepparttar 127492 tools above (or others such as Macromedia Flash) to demonstrate EXACTLY HOW TO do what everyone else is just talking about, then you stand a greater chance of being noticed and gettingrepparttar 127493 sale! Now that you have your own product to sell, you can start your own affiliate program and market your product usingrepparttar 127494 power of other people. I am not saying to give up on affiliate programs by any means, they can be an excellent revenue source for your business, butrepparttar 127495 real money comes from controlling a product. When you controlrepparttar 127496 product, you control your destiny.

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Are You Learning to Sell?

Written by Edward Thorpe

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8) Follow-up/handle buyer's remorse. Re-state their logical reasons for buying today his wasrepparttar right decision, you're wise to act today,etc.

Do you have to do every step? I do. Perhaps you're lazy and want to skip around or overrepparttar 127478 steps. OK. Go ahead. Let me know how you're making out.

I still remember my start in formal selling. Believe it or not, I started selling at nine years old. Quick story.

I grew up on a small farm in Kentucky. Things were a little tight aroundrepparttar 127479 Thorpe household. My Dad either couldn't afford or didn't believe inrepparttar 127480 concept of allowances.

But he did give me a portion ofrepparttar 127481 family garden to grow whatever I wanted. He explained that I should grow a cash crop that I could sell to neighbors.

That's what I did. I've always loved popcorn. So I figured popcorn would be a good seller. Nope. I couldn't give it away.

My Dad had warned me that might happen. Amazing. Even at nine I knew it all. { CLUE }

But I didn't give up. I did some market research duringrepparttar 127482 winter. In Other words, I asked my Mom what she'd buy from me. She said green beans.

Mom was right! My most successful crop was green beans. That was great. Growing beans didn't take a lot of work and neighbors wanted fresh picked green beans.

I sold beans byrepparttar 127483 peck, byrepparttar 127484 bag, byrepparttar 127485 bushel. Any old way they wanted them, that'srepparttar 127486 way I sold them.

I've gone on to sell everything from illegal substances (Hey, it wasrepparttar 127487 sixties) to pre-planned burials.

So when my big-shot multi-millionaire mentor asked me if I was learning to sell...I loved it. Because without sales you're not in business.

Make that sale!

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