Are you Ready for WAP & WML?

Written by Merle

Continued from page 1 WAPPage 1.0 is an extensive and powerful design tool for WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Sites. WAP publishing tool for cellular mobile WAP phones.

Nokia has jumped intorepparttar arena by offering "The Nokia WML Studio". A free download that adds on to Dreamweaver to create WML content from within Dreamweaver's interface. Get it at

For hosting your new wireless-enabled site, check out: Offering a variety of free services Build and host your site free The first online WAPsite builder complete with hosting.

Keep in mind thatrepparttar 133626 viewing area on a mobile device is a whole lot smaller than that of a computer monitor. So you need to be short and concise. Plan on about 10 text lines per WAP "card" (instead of "page.") Due to slow transmission speeds typically 14.4 to 19.6 Kbps you need to keep text and graphics down to bare minimum.

Wireless phones use "microbrowsers" to surfrepparttar 133627 web so you need to make surerepparttar 133628 web cards in WML look good on a wireless device. But what if you don't have that kind of luxury? No problem, hop over to and you'll find something called "The Wapalizer" that will allow you to look at any WAP site using your regular browser. Just type inrepparttar 133629 URL and a new window opens up that imitates a mobile phones interface. You can browse throughrepparttar 133630 entire site to make sure everything will be viewed correctly by your mobile guests.

So there you have it. WAP and WML, two good things that just naturally go together. If you presently have an HTML site you might want to consider making a version of it in WML as a sidekick, thus opening yourself up to a whole new audience; a mobile one.

After all, we're a society onrepparttar 133631 move... and you'd better keep up!

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How to Easily Track Click Thrus from Your Ad Campaigns

Written by Merle

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Another third party service totally free that will mail you a daily report of all activity on your links. You simply assign a different coded link for each url you'll be using. If you have more than one domain you'll need to set up a separate account for each one

4) Adtrackz

This is an actual CGI script you purchase for $47.00 and install on your own server. It only runs on Unix servers (so it's not an option if you're using Windows NT). It gives you one click stat reporting all in one place. Each campaign shows yourepparttar referring url, what browsers your visitors used, hits per hour, per day and more. Try it 30 days risk free.

5) ProLinkz:

This is another CGI Perl script that you install on your own server. For Unix only; running $45.00 but for an additional fee they'll install it for you. Allows you to use your own domain inrepparttar 133625 coded links.

By taking advantage ofrepparttar 133626 above tools you'll be able to tell at a glance which ads were a good buy and just how much activity your links are getting. These services and scripts allow you to makerepparttar 133627 most of your advertising dollars so you know what's working and whats not.

So stop throwing good money after bad by implementing a link tracking system today, you'll make more informed advertising decisions tomorrow.

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