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Written by Graeme Sprigge

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I have 2 websites in a very competetive niche. I constantly need to work on them to build traffic. But because I know I am using traffic methods that work, I know I will eventually have good traffic to my sites. My traffic stats are constantly climbing. I'll let you know a secret - I didn't even have my sites listed inrepparttar search engines and I was getting traffic to them. You can do this too.

FFA advertising sites are pretty much useless these days for serious traffic generation. The search engines are getting much smarter and will ban your site if you use black techniques, so you really need to do some research and learn what works without breakingrepparttar 138574 rules.

So to summarize, getting traffic involves knowledge and tools. By reading my traffic package info which is free you will start to getrepparttar 138575 knowledge and by taking advantage ofrepparttar 138576 powerful tool I show you will form a killer combination.

Finally, discover the knowledge you need to take your site from a zero to an infinity of traffic, leaving your competition in the dust

Optimizing Flash. Can it be Done?

Written by Joe Balestrino

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and followrepparttar directions. You will need to downloadrepparttar 138552 .htaccess file inrepparttar 138553 root directory ofrepparttar 138554 location where all your web pages are stored.

redirect 301 /old/old.htm

That is all you need to do. Saverepparttar 138555 file and upload it. Typically you would type inrepparttar 138556 old url (old domain name) and it would take you torepparttar 138557 new url (new domain name). But, in this case we will changerepparttar 138558 old index file to another name. Create a new optimized HTML page. Then, name it asrepparttar 138559 old index page. Google will indexrepparttar 138560 new page that is redirected torepparttar 138561 flash page. It will look like this

redirect 301 (the instruction thatrepparttar 138562 page has moved)

/old/old.htm (the original folder path and file name) (new path and file name)

Basically, we are just forwarding one page directly to another. Not to another domain name. This sounds more complicated than it actually is. This is usuallyrepparttar 138563 best way to utilize a redirect. You could also use a java script redirect.

Never userepparttar 138564 META tag redirect. Those have already been recognized as a blacklisted move.

I cannot guarantee that these will not get you banned. But, from my research,repparttar 138565 301 re-direct isrepparttar 138566 best bet. If your site is 100% Flash and you need to rank higher, this will get you results. These are your SEO options for clients with Flash sites.

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