Are you Earning the Most from your Cleaning Jobs?

Written by Gail Metcalf

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When your client asks for extra tasks to be done during their scheduled service, you need to be ready with a way to charge for these extras. Time is money and I'm sure you have already quoted them a standard fee for their regular service; sorepparttar extra fee is justified.

If you always give away service, you will never grow your business. To grow your business, you must always be thinking ahead for ways you can improve your service and increase your profits.

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The Man Who Offered to Beat Me Up

Written by Joe Vitale

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I don't claim to be a fighter and am not seeking bouts. I'm also not seeking new clients. Especially clients who want to break my nose to prove they are better than me.

When you reach out to anyone, keep in mind that no one likes to be told they are inferior. It is not a good way to win friends and influence people. In fact, it's not a good way to do much of anything.

I thinkrepparttar lesson here is that we all have egos. The better way to approach people is to put your ego under theirs.

In other words, be willing to lower your status. Don't flaunt your stuff. Instead, show your weakness and ask for help.

This nervy fighter might have done better by offering to teach me his new method, not offering to embarrass me with it.

This works in your marketing, too.

Rather than boast that you or your business isrepparttar 146934 greatest, focus on how you or your business can make your customer or clientrepparttar 146935 greatest.

Seerepparttar 146936 difference?

This redirection of focus can trigger a true transformation in your sales.

Take heed.

See you inrepparttar 146937 ring.

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