Are you Coward

Written by Colin Shaw

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I lived to regret it. The email caused a big argument. I had said things that were misinterpreted despite my best attempts to be clear. I ended up upsetting a lot of people. I ended up regretting sending it. I was wrong. Since that day I now have adopted a few rules with emails that I would like to share with you. 1. Insist that all calls are answered by people and answer phones are banned other than outside office or opening hours.

2. Never reply to an email when you are emotionally charged. DO NOT type a reply and pressrepparttar send button, until you have had a cooling off period. Put it in your “Draft” emails and look at itrepparttar 145170 next day. I always end up changing mine.

3. When you think “Shall I talk to them or shall I send them an email? It is at that moment when that little voice in your heads says; “No, just send them an email that’ll be simpler, you don’t want to talk to them it may be embarrassing…..” That is exactlyrepparttar 145171 time I know I MUST talk to them. So pick uprepparttar 145172 phone and talk! It’s never as bad as you expect and people always appreciate it.

4. Finally a plea. When anyone sends you an email, please reply. Don’t just ignore it. Reply even to say “GO AWAY”. I find it amazing that you can send an email to someone and they don’t even haverepparttar 145173 courtesy of replying.

What’s your thought? If you have a view, drop me a line!

Colin Shaw Founding Partner, Beyond Philosophy © Beyond Philosophy 2004

Colin Shaw is the Founding Partner of Beyond Philosophy and guru of the Customer Experience Management. He has also produced two most successful books on customer experience which are now available in market.

Micro Loans Can Mean Macro Success for Your Business

Written by Cheryl Antier

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What is a microenterprise?

It is any business that can be started for less than $35,000, has fewer than five employees and has an annual revenue of less than $100,000.

What kind of businesses are eligible for microenterprise loans?

Traditional businesses such as: beauty parlors, bakeries, repair shops, childcare facilities, and arts and craft sellers.

Nontraditional businesses such as: massage therapists, event planners, soap manufacturers and acupuncturists.

If you want to start and run your business out of your home? You can. If you're ready to move out ofrepparttar basement and into your own building? Microenterprise can help.

Where can you Find a Microenterprise Development Program in Your Community?

*Check out local nonprofit organizations such asrepparttar 145148 United Way, local community colleges or Small Business Development Center *Talk to a SCORE Counselor *Visit your local Chamber of Commerce *Contact your local women’s organization or other small business group *Visit for free resources, information and helpful articles

So...start small, but dream big!

Cheryl Antier is the President and CEO of Dream Weaver Enterprises, a business and fundraising consultancy firm that helps small business owners and nonprofit organizations “weave their dreams into reality” by helping them find the funding they need. Microenterprise can help small business owners get the start-up capital, training and technical assistance to start, build and grow their business.

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