Are headlines like this really the best that local news can do?

Written by Gianfranco Fracassi

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My absolute favourite wasrepparttar day when “Funny smell on High Street” wasrepparttar 141534 lead story. Onrepparttar 141535 BBC Oxford Website on Saturday,repparttar 141536 top story was “Choirs prepare for church concert.” Stoprepparttar 141537 press! Why haven’trepparttar 141538 nationals picked up on that one? It is patronising beyond belief for such programmes to assume that their audiences are so parochial that they will be interested in something just because it occurred in their county, however banal it is. Of course there are other problems with local news, notablyrepparttar 141539 reporters and anchors. The faux-flirtation amongst news anchors weather people and sports reporters is as nauseating as it is universal; I assume thatrepparttar 141540 overenthusiastic reporting onrepparttar 141541 progress of local football teams, is designed to make audiences feel that their local news team are ‘just like them’, butrepparttar 141542 act is fooling nobody.

Gianfranco Fracassi isrepparttar 141543 webmaster of two popular free stuff web sites. You can find many subjects that will interest you. Check out this web sites at: or htpp://

Gianfranco Fracassi is the webmaster of two popular free stuff web sites. You can find many subjects that will interest you. Check out this web sites at: or htpp://

Facing Job Interview

Written by Lieutenant Colonel Anil Kumar Nigam

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Group Discussion is an important part ofrepparttar selection process where employers evaluaterepparttar 141533 candidate’s potential to be a leader and alsorepparttar 141534 ability to work in teams. Groups of 8-10 candidates are formed into a leaderless group, and are given a specific situation to analyze and discuss within a given time limit, which may vary between twenty minutes and forty-five minutes.

They may be given a case study and asked to come out with a solution for a problem. They may be given a topic and are asked to discussrepparttar 141535 same.

What is being tested?

You’ll have to be able to understandrepparttar 141536 other person’s point of view while making your point and ensure that your team as a whole reaches a win-win situation. The group discussion is a test of your interactive skills and how good you are at communicating with other people. The objective of a group discussion is to mainly check your team playing skills because as a manager, you will be working in organizations with people

Skills Tested during Group Discussion

·Persuasive Skills ·Communication Skills ·General awareness and knowledge ·Power to influence others ·Listening skills ·Ability to withstand pressure ·Interpersonal Skills ·Logical Thinking ·Leadership and team Skills

And other Skills ·Comprehension ofrepparttar 141537 main idea and ability to generate ideas ·The rapport you strike ·Patience ·Assertion ·Accommodation ·Responsiveness ·Body language

Remember having qualities is one thing and demonstrating these duringrepparttar 141538 discussion is another

Handy Points to remember ·Knowledge is strength. ·Addressingrepparttar 141539 Group as a Whole. ·If you are not sure aboutrepparttar 141540 topic of discussion, it is better not to initiate. ·A GD is not a debating stage. ·Language use should be simple, direct and straightforward. ·Maintain rapport with fellow participants. ·Use positive body language. ·Communicate with each and every candidate present. ·While speaking don't keep looking at a single member.

Tips forrepparttar 141541 Group Discussion

·A Good level of general awareness will come in handy. ·The wider your reading interests,repparttar 141542 better prepared you will be. ·Take time to think of what you are going to say. ·Work out various strategies to help you enterrepparttar 141543 discussion. ·Startingrepparttar 141544 discussion is considered to be good however it isn't that important; what is important is that you speak for a period long enough for you to be able to communicate your viewpoint. ·Be patient; don't lose your cool if anyone says anything you object to. ·Don't takerepparttar 141545 discussion personally. ·Be responsive to ideas from other people and very receptive and open-minded but don't allow others to change your own viewpoint. ·Employers are looking for a range of different skills and although you may think that leadership is key, and want to demonstrate this in a discussion, you need to be careful that you don't dominaterepparttar 141546 discussion as this may come across as aggressive. ·Quality and NOT QUANTITY: Often, participants think that success in-group discussions depend on their decibel levels. Ironically, it’srepparttar 141547 opposite. ·Roundingrepparttar 141548 discussion off - when about 2-3 minutes are left, someone inrepparttar 141549 group must takerepparttar 141550 initiative and summarize allrepparttar 141551 issues discussed. Let it be you.

Rememberrepparttar 141552 six C's of effective Communication ·Clarity ·Completeness ·Conciseness ·Confidence ·Correctness ·Courtesy.

Here are some ofrepparttar 141553 GD topics of leading Institutes ·Managerial skills learnt inrepparttar 141554 classroom can never match those learnt from experience. ·Democracy is hampering India’s progress. ·MBA in India is highly overrated. ·Religion is a private affair and should be of no concern forrepparttar 141555 state. ·Decreasing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure isrepparttar 141556 need ofrepparttar 141557 hour. ·Women's empowerment will lead to social development. (IIM Kozhikode, March'99) ·Computers result in unemployment. (FMS Delhi, March'99) Are we raising a generation of burnt out children? (IIMB, Mar 97) ·Advertising is all glitter and little truth. (MICA, Apr '97) ·Is bureaucracy a hindrance to economic reforms in India? (IIMC, July '97) ·Filmmakers are indulging in cinematic Fortitution inrepparttar 141558 name of folk culture. (IIML, Mar'97X Are we raising a generation of burnt out children? (IIMB, Mar 97) ·Under Indian parliamentary democracy it is impossible to ensure balanced regional development. (IIMC, Mar ‘97) ·Corruption isrepparttar 141559 main outcome of democracy in India. (IIML, Mar '97) In an over-regulated society corruption is inevitable. (MICA, Apr '97) ·Forrepparttar 141560 poorer sections of society, a state-controlled economy is better than a liberalized economy. (IIMC-PGDCM, March'97) ·With IT replacing middle level management, software jobs are more lucrative than MBAs (S.P Jain, March'99) ·Do you think accent holds you back? Would you prefer everyone speaking uniformly? (XIM Bhubaneswar, March'99) ·Men resent women power at work place (NMIMS, March'99) Youth in India are becoming greedy byrepparttar 141561 day (MICA, March'99) ·MBAs should be taxed at higher rates inrepparttar 141562 country (IIMB April'99) ·Efficiency and corruption go hand in hand.

Afterrepparttar 141563 Interview ·Each job interview should be a learning process. Learn from your mistakes - don't repeat them. ·Carry out a post-interview analysis immediately afterrepparttar 141564 interview while it is still fresh in your mind. ·Review tough questions and make notes for your next interview on areas where you might handle difficult questions better. ·Motivate yourself to approach your next interview in a positive frame of mind. ·Userepparttar 141565 experience gained at each interview to improve your technique and overall presentation

Seven Mantras for Success

·Communication Skills ·Influencing Abilities ·Problem Solving ·Creative Thinking ·Social Skills] ·Managing Finances

Author has 28 years of experience in the field of Teaching and Management. He is M. Tech from IIT Kanpur and has worked in different capacities including Signal corps Indian Army, Regional Manager for a Telecom Company. Currently he is Associate Professor with ITM, Gurgaon that is rated as best Engineering colleges of North India.

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