Are happy days over for Google?

Written by John Benjamin (ProMinds Inc)

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One by one, they shook their heads in disbelief; none knew.

"That's an invasion of privacy," Roy said in disgust.

Downes was going to make sure her husband knew. "That's kind of scary because if somebody gets mad at you, you're an easy target." Sheldon was visibly shaken upon learning thatrepparttar location of her residence could be so easily and readily identified. She paused for a minute, draped her arms onrepparttar 118390 handle of her shopping cart and sighed. "It's scary," she said. "I had my identity stolen and I don't want to go through that again."

Rubio was embarrassed about not knowing, given that she's a student at College ofrepparttar 118391 Desert. Somehow Rubio said she should have known. "I think it's dangerous," Rubio said. "I think it's cutting off people's privacy. Not only do you have to be aware of burglars watching your house, you have to be aware of those onrepparttar 118392 computer watching your house. Oh, my God, that is so scary."

Maria Salcedo of Thermal wasrepparttar 118393 only one duringrepparttar 118394 hour long survey to acknowledge knowing aboutrepparttar 118395 access. She learned about it from a college instructor just two months ago. Still, her knowledge did not make her feel any more secure.

Yes, it's true that if your phone number is listed, your name, address and telephone number already appear inrepparttar 118396 telephone book - in most cases. They are treated as public record.

Google isrepparttar 118397 first search engine to include this service directly intorepparttar 118398 search engine itself

Now don't get too hassled, I am sure you are getting a bit queasyrepparttar 118399 way I am writing this. Well, it’s a known fact what can happen if we have our information available to everyone out there. Please, get a hold on your imaginations now.

Now for some "icing onrepparttar 118400 cake"

Nielsen//NetRatings MegaView Search Service Releases Latest Online Search Engine Share: Google Secures 47 Percent of All Searches; Yahoo! Garners 21 Percent; MSN Captures 13 Percent.

According torepparttar 118401 latest custom research from Nielsen//NetRatings MegaView Search, 58 percent of Google searchers also visited at least one ofrepparttar 118402 other top two search engines, MSN Search and Yahoo! Search, showing that even though Google's market share is dominant today, there is significant opportunity for its competitors to grow their share (see Table 1). The use of multiple search engines is not limited to Google's searchers. Nearly 71 percent of those who searched at Yahoo! also visited at least one ofrepparttar 118403 other top two search engines, and 70 percent of those who searched at MSN also tried their luck at one or both ofrepparttar 118404 other two.

"While it shouldn't surprise anyone that Google isrepparttar 118405 search engine to beat, it is critical that all ofrepparttar 118406 major search players, including Google, recognize that they exclusively own only a minority of their users," said Ken Cassar, director, strategic analysis, Nielsen//NetRatings. "This highlights an opportunity and a threat to all ofrepparttar 118407 established players inrepparttar 118408 market, and underscoresrepparttar 118409 importance of continued innovation in a highly competitive market that is anything but mature."

"With more share than its two nearest competitors combined, Google setsrepparttar 118410 pace inrepparttar 118411 search business," said Cassar. "However,repparttar 118412 opportunities that MSN and Yahoo! enjoy by virtue of their broader media offerings give them an important platform from which to attackrepparttar 118413 industry leader."

Perhaps this is what gives MSN and Yahoo!repparttar 118414 edge over Google. “Wider media.” If we just analyzerepparttar 118415 audience of Google as compared to that of MSN and Yahoo! well, what we might get here is... I guess a different article.

Till then, Cheers!

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Five Fun Ideas That Increase Online Traffic

Written by Catherine Franz

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4. Help others set up an instant article directory. Offer your articles to be posted on their web site. This works well for others who do not write. It also creates links and increases search engine status for both of you.

5. Create a book web site. You can do this in lieu of offering a free ebook. Market it as a free web book. The term is seldom used and builds curiosity. Designrepparttar web pages with a title page, table of contents, chapters, etc. Then place your ad or a banner for your product or service onrepparttar 118389 top and bottom of every page.

Catherine Franz, a Certified Professional Coach, specializes in infoproduct development. Newsletters and additional articles available: blog:

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