Are Your Kids Driving You Crazy? How Character Building Charts Keep You Sane

Written by Jean Tracy

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·Wrote out age-appropriate chores for Sammy

·Created a chart to help build his character

·Worked with Sammy to choose a goal for his chart

Sammy’s mother learned that goals must be clear, simple, and positive. Atrepparttar top of Sammy’s chart he wrote, “My goal is to do my own work and then help others.”

Sammy’s mom strengthed her bond with Sammy by:

·Offering stickers for his chart

·Creating a cost-free bonding activity list

·Offering Sammyrepparttar 145237 choice of a bonding activity to do together when he earned a certain number of stickers

Oncerepparttar 145238 chart was created, they posted it onrepparttar 145239 refrigerator. Sammy’s mom knew she had to encourage his improvements by:

·Being consistent in rewarding Sammy.

·Offering his stickers soon after he completed a task

·Scheduling his bonding activity soon after he earned enough stickers

Because Sammy’s mom was positive and consistent in rewarding him, he went from being Sammyrepparttar 145240 Slacker to becoming Sammyrepparttar 145241 Helper. His teacher sent home reports of improvement and, slowly but surely, Sammy made friends.

Whether you have a Billyrepparttar 145242 Blamer, a Grettarepparttar 145243 Greedy, or a child with some other problem behavior, consider using CHARACTER-BUILDING CHARTS. You’ll be teaching your child responsibility, self-discipline, and teamwork. You’ll even enjoy finding out who lives in your house. You’ll be saner and happier and you’ll be building character too.

Character Building Charts and a Bonding Activities List have been created for your convenience.

Jean Tracy,MSS, helps parents and teachers raise awesome kids with solid characters. Jean is a former teacher, probation officer and child/family counselor. She is now an author, a speaker, and an award winning Distinguished Toastmaster. You will find her book, Character Building on BackTalk Street, her Character Building Charts, her parenting products, and FREE bonding activities, parenting tips, and parenting articles at,

Make Your Own Gourmet Gift Baskets

Written by Donna Monday

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** Coffee Gift Basket – Your favorite coffee lover will enjoy fresh gourmet ground roasted coffee (or their favorite brand), flavored creamer, cookies and a fun coffee mug.

** Italian Gift Basket – include a variety of dried gourmet pasta like spinach, whole wheat, or dried tomato, two jars of pasta sauce, fresh mozzarella and parmesan cheese, garlic bread and fancy olive oil.

** Tea Lovers Gift Basket – you can include several varieties of black tea, green tea and herbal teas, a mug and homemade butter cookies adds a nice finishing touch.

** Champagne or Beer Gift Basket -repparttar champagne basket would be elegant: includes a bottle of fine champagne, cheese and crackers, and fancy chocolates;repparttar 145236 beer basket includes several domestic and/or imported beers, lagers, or ales, chips, pretzels and nuts.

** Pet Gift Basket – dog and cat gift baskets arerepparttar 145237 most popular. For a dog you can include: homemade doggie biscuits or cookies, a doggie collar, doggie toys. For a cat you can include: cat treats, cat nip and cat toys.

Now you know that all it takes to make a unique gift basket that will be treasured is a little ingenuity and your personal touch.

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