Are You a "P-Word" Solver?

Written by Mary Anne Hahn

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Poor employee morale: More than salaries, benefits and working conditions,repparttar employees in numerous companies today complain that communication (or, rather, lack thereof) isrepparttar 129378 number one "p-word" they face. And when employees are disgruntled, their productivity drops andrepparttar 129379 quality of their work diminishes. Can you step in as a consultant and help organizations analyze and correct that situation? Can you produce company employee newsletters? Then use your writing skills to help companies solve their employee morale "p- word."

A need to getrepparttar 129380 word out: Whether promoting a cause (such as trying to get a new law passed) or wishing to warn or educaterepparttar 129381 public about something, some people have a passionate need to tell their particular stories. Their "p-word" is, they have no idea how to go about it. Writers who are familiar with what kinds of stories periodicals publish regularly can help these people spread their words by offering a ghostwriting service, or "as told to" articles.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about how you can broaden your freelance writing assignments. Your challenge is to discover what kinds of "p-word" solutions you can provide as a writer, and your opportunities for growth lie everywhere!

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Five Ways to Prevent Costly Bloopers

Written by Heather Reimer

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2. Sleep on it. Few projects are so urgent that they can't wait untilrepparttar morning. When you're fresh and rested, take another look and start tweaking.

3. Be sure to run everything throughrepparttar 129376 spell-checker, including your email messages. It won't catch everything but it just takes a minute and can save embarrassment.

4. If your background is academic, try adapting your writing style torepparttar 129377 web. Just writing more simply can prevent a lot of mistakes.

5. Everyone has mental blocks - those words that we just insist on misspelling. Make a list and post it close to your monitor. A visual aid can help change ingrained habits.

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