Are You a Hosting Hostage?

Written by John Calder

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Their service may suffer at some point, perhaps due to sale ofrepparttar company, support staff cutbacks, problems within their network, and a variety of other reasons. You may want to change hosting companies for good reason. But if you've set up your entire site usingrepparttar 134354 software your hosting company offers, you won't necessarily be able to take those software packages with you. You can probably find another hosting company that offersrepparttar 134355 same software, but you'll still have to transfer all of your databases and configuration settings yourself.

One way to help eliminate this problem is to use third-party services where you can - for example, autoresponder services and visitor tracking are good candidates. Your next best choice is to install your own free or paid scripts, that you can delete and reinstall on another server, should a move be necessary.

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What Hosting Package is Right For You?

Written by Scott J. Patterson

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So, if you have a small to medium size online store, then StartLogic isrepparttar hosting package for you:

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Top Web Hosting For Multiple Sites:

Often, there are webmasters who run a number of “mini-sites”. Since each has its own domain name, they need hosting for every website. But, evenrepparttar 134353 cheapest hosting might cost a lot of money overrepparttar 134354 course of a year.

Jumpline Hosting provides a great option where you can host multiple sites onrepparttar 134355 same server. For a low price (under $15) you can host up to 6 websites on their server…that comes out to $2.50 per website! Also, if you need more disk space or hosting for more websites, you can increaserepparttar 134356 plan to suit your needs.

So, if you have to host multiple websites, then Jumpline isrepparttar 134357 hosting package for you:

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Top Web Hosting For Large eCommerce Stores:

As an eCommerce site grows, it receives an increasing number of visitors and customers. As a result, it must have options that are not available to other websites. Primarily, this type of site requires a dedicated server that ensures reliability and quality inrepparttar 134358 appearance ofrepparttar 134359 website.

1&1 Internet Web Hosting is a great selection for those websites who need a little more. This hosting package offers top ofrepparttar 134360 line disk space and bandwidth capabilities. In addition, this company givesrepparttar 134361 option of a dedicated server. Finally, they provide an incredible eCommerce Solution called eShops. This is a simple design that enables you to sell your products with ease.

So, if you own a large eCommerce store and require hosting, then 1&1 Internet Web hosting isrepparttar 134362 company for you:

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Top Web Hosting With Allrepparttar 134363 Bells and Whistles:

Sometimes a webmaster likes allrepparttar 134364 extra stuff that comes with a web hosting package. In most cases, extra services cost extra money.

Lunarpages is one hosting business that DOES NOT charge additional fees for many of their extra services. Basically, they provide their basic service at a low price. But, if you love additional stuff, then Lunarpages provides an advanced plan that includes almost everything that you could want or need.

So, if you like having allrepparttar 134365 bells and extras for your website, then Lunarpages isrepparttar 134366 hosting package for you:

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Top Overall Web Hosting Package:

Okay, I couldn’t resist giving a “best-of” award to one particular company.

Although each ofrepparttar 134367 above six hosting companies provide excellent services for their specific niche, it is my opinion that PowWeb Hosting is an excellent choice forrepparttar 134368 average website.

Some of their features include: Zero Downtime (which is extremely rare), cheap prices, extra tools to build your site, and a large storage capacity.

So, my favorite overall pick for a web hosting package is PowWeb:

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Well, there you have it.

These are 7 different hosting packages that are perfect for any situation. If your website fits under one of these categories, then I encourage you to visit these websites and see if they fit your needs.

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