Are You a High Traffic Site?

Written by David McKenzie

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This isrepparttar standard procedure forrepparttar 102635 average affiliate:

Stick a couple of banners on their site. Wait a few weeks. No sales come. Join another affiliate program. Stick these banners on their site. Wait a few more weeks. No sales! Then they sit back and think affiliate programs are a joke.

But it's notrepparttar 102636 affiliate program. It'srepparttar 102637 affiliate.

If you userepparttar 102638 right marketing methods that are working now, and spend many hours a week marketing your affiliate programs then you can be part ofrepparttar 102639 'statistics'.

But if you expect things to just magically happen with a couple of flashing banners on your site then you will be sorely disappointed.

Do not just assume these enticing statistics apply to all affiliates. Sadly, they do not. Affiliate programs are notrepparttar 102640 Holy Grail, but they are an excellent way to obtain a decent monthly check.

The most amazing statistic is that it is estimated that 90% of all affiliates earn little or no money at all from affiliate programs.

Now that's a statistic you do not want to be part of!!

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Written by Grady Smith

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To learn how to set up your own exit pop up window using easy JavaScript, type “ free JavaScript exit pop up window” into any good search engine for a list of some easy to follow copy and paste scripts. Trust me, if I can do it so can you.

But my pop up window isn’t my only tool used to double my online profits. I also use some affiliate programs for my backend sales.

What’s a backend sale, you ask? Well, after a customer purchases my front end product, which isrepparttar one they visited my site for, I offer them more products that will help them achieve their goal.

For instance, if I offered a product on learning how to make homemade manuals, I might also offer them a place to get cheap quality printing inrepparttar 102634 back of my manual. Then, when they click onrepparttar 102635 link to purchase printing, I get a percentage ofrepparttar 102636 profits for referring them. And you can do this with any product you offer by givingrepparttar 102637 customer other materials and services they might want to further their knowledge.

Remember, a customer that bought from you once will buy time and time again as long as you give them quality service or products. Just make sure to give themrepparttar 102638 opportunity, and you’ll almost certainly see a high increase in profits.

Grady Smith now offers the same system he used to get his business up and running and making a good profit in 5 days without investing a dime. Check out for free info on his secrets.

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