Are You a Candidate for Carpal Tunnel or Other Problems?

Written by Pauliina Roe

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Your Mouse should be directly torepparttar side with your arm close to your body, with no reaching. Your arm should have a straight line from your hand to your forearm. The wrist should not be elevated. There is a great mouse positioner and even a cordless mouse that can helprepparttar 107855 situation - at http:/

Laptops are a poor design for comfort. Ergonomically speaking - they are awful. It is tough to position it to a comfortable or ergonomically ideal position, not to mention gettingrepparttar 107856 heat off! To adjustrepparttar 107857 laptop in as comfortable, and as ergonomically correct position as is possible, you should look intorepparttar 107858 LapGenie laptop desk. It takesrepparttar 107859 heat off your lap and putsrepparttar 107860 laptop in a good working position. Seerepparttar 107861 LapGenie at

Using allrepparttar 107862 above suggestions, you should be able to avoid many problems that result from improper ergonomic conditions. Adjust your office settings for optimal ergonomic conditions. If only Americans would get intorepparttar 107863 ergonomic mindset likerepparttar 107864 Canadians do - we'd have less problems!

Pauliina Roe shows people how to better orient their computer set-ups for ergonomic benefit. She gives total computer related support, both online and offline (in the Denver area). You can find out more computer related support and get more ergonomic information updates at

Are You Saving Money With a Computer Support Plan?

Written by Pauliina Roe

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If you have a truly problem computer that acts up on a regular basis, then a monthly paid plan might be effective - depending onrepparttar type of problem and whetherrepparttar 107854 monthly allotment will be enough. If you are still paying for extra support, it might make more sense to purchase an account that has credits you can use at any time, and can add funds to at anytime.

This is a similar concept to service plans on appliances - do you really get your money's worth on those plans? Ifrepparttar 107855 appliance isn't well made, you are better off with a service plan. If it is well made, a service plan isn't necessary. A little assurance by having some funds in a service account for when needed makes more sense.

Figure out how reliable or unreliable your computer is, and you will figure outrepparttar 107856 best plan you should have. Don't jump onrepparttar 107857 bandwagon of anything which, with hype, promises you riches and gives you services and such that you really don't need. If you have to pay for something you don't need, rethink your game plan. There are other options out there. A monthly outlay of money may very well just be going to waste. Would you rather spend $30/month or more for a plan that gives yourepparttar 107858 same service as a $30 account you can use anytime you want, and fund into it for extra services if needed? Think about it - concerning your computer - which plan makes more sense?

Pauliina Roe is a hands-on computer troubleshooter/repairperson in the Denver area, and also troubleshoots online and over the phone. If you need computer support, give us a call if in the Denver area - Leading Edge Solutions at 303-224-0797 (ask for Kevin) or try out the support online at

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