Are You a Biz-Op Junkie?

Written by Angela Wu

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Well, he found several that appeared to be perfect. None of them were -- he found that outrepparttar hard way, after spending several thousands of dollars overrepparttar 117579 last 3 years. It just goes to show that no one is completely "immune" to endless get-rich-quick claims, regardless of how experienced or educated he is.

There seems to be some sort of belief -- especially with people who are new torepparttar 117580 Internet -- that joining a business opportunity isrepparttar 117581 only way to make money online. It's no wonder, then, that so many biz ops have sprung up to fillrepparttar 117582 demand. But whatever happened to creating a product or service of your own?

Starting a business online is financially very affordable, when you compare it torepparttar 117583 traditional 'brick-and-mortar' business. What makes people so willing to shell out several hundreds of dollars for a 'biz op', but equally unwilling to spendrepparttar 117584 same money creating and building a business of their own making?

Remember that 'biz ops', no matter how wonderful they may seem, aren't a magic bullet. A business is a business, and they all require time, commitment, hard work, and plenty of determination. Biz ops are no different: in amongstrepparttar 117585 scams there are legitimate opportunities -- but there's no such thing as a "perfect" opportunity that's going to be right for everyone.

So if you've been doingrepparttar 117586 'biz op tango'... consider sitting down with a pencil and notepad -- and doing some good, old-fashioned brainstorming. You just might discover your ideal business!


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Beyond Startup - Are You Stunting the Growth of Your Home-Based Business?

Written by Elena Fawkner

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Before adding employees, carry out an inventory ofrepparttar necessary tasks required to operate your business. Once you’ve identified all necessary tasks, assign primary responsibility for each task to one person. Although one person will be assigned more than one task, make sure no two people are assignedrepparttar 117578 same tasks.

Also, make sure at least one other person knows how to do each task to cover yourself during times of staff shortages, whether due to temporary absence due to illness, or when an employee resigns and it takes you a while to find a replacement.

Finally, and most importantly, when assigning tasks, assign yourselfrepparttar 117579 tasks you do best (NOT just what you like to do).

=> Capital

To grow beyondrepparttar 117580 start-up and initial growth phases, you will need capital to inject into your business. Now this, unfortunately, is easier said than done. Banks can be leery of entrepreneurial ventures and venture capital is not easy to obtain. But, although obtaining borrowed capital is difficult, it is by no means impossible. Here arerepparttar 117581 main sources of funds:

* Banks

Cultivate a good relationship with your banker. The more he or she understands your business and knows you,repparttar 117582 more likely it is that your application will be approved. And this means more than just fronting up when you need money. Keep your banker informed of all significant developments in your business and routinely provide copies of your annual business plans.

Be prepared to demonstrate that your business is capable of generating cashflow and think about what collateral you have available to put up if necessary.

* Venture Capital

In addition to a solid business plan and track record, venture capital providers want to see that you understand your customers and how your business is a good fit with their needs. So arm yourself with competitive intelligence and satisified customers as references. Also, be prepared to show you have access to experienced management staff. These individuals need not be on your payroll but you should expect to show that you have a depth of experience and talent available to you at least in an advisory capacity.

* Revenue Stream

Instead of selling equity to raise capital, consider selling part ofrepparttar 117583 revenue ofrepparttar 117584 business. In other words, investors advance loan capital and get repaid by way of a percentage ofrepparttar 117585 sales ofrepparttar 117586 business. This preserves your equity in repparttar 117587 business and is attractive to investors because they receive an immediate cash return.

This method hasrepparttar 117588 considerable advantage of avoiding securities laws (it's a loan rather than a sale of securities) but it's only viable for businesses with high margins and strong sales.

* Angel Capital Electronic Network

ACE-Net brings companies looking for capital together with angel investors. You can find links to ACE-Net at .

* Direct Public Offering

If your business has a strong relationship with its constituents (employees, customers, vendors and community), consider selling stock via a direct public offering. The securities laws involved in such an offering are complex though so be prepared for some pretty hefty legal fees if going down this road.

* Miscellaneous

Other miscellaneous sources of funding include 401(k) plans and provision of loan guarantees byrepparttar 117589 Small Business Administration (, family members or friends.

=> Work Onrepparttar 117590 Business, Not Inrepparttar 117591 Business

The third and final point to note about breaking throughrepparttar 117592 glass ceiling is that you must makerepparttar 117593 mental transition from working INrepparttar 117594 business, to working ONrepparttar 117595 business.

Until your business hitrepparttar 117596 glass ceiling, you were effectively working inrepparttar 117597 business, much as an employee would. In this sense,repparttar 117598 business was your job, a place to go to work. But beyondrepparttar 117599 glass ceiling, your business becomes an entity unto itself. It is no longer your “job” to work atrepparttar 117600 tasks that make uprepparttar 117601 business’s operation. Instead, your role is to work “on”repparttar 117602 business as a separate entity, leavingrepparttar 117603 tasks to your paid employees.

Hopefully you can see that shifting your perspective in this way isrepparttar 117604 key torepparttar 117605 long-term growth of your business and repparttar 117606 difference between true autonomy and indentured servitude.


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Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions forrepparttar 117609 work-from-home entrepreneur.

Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions for the work-from-home entrepreneur.

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