Are You Well Protected?

Written by Roxie Hickman

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An internet search will revealrepparttar many choices available for spyware elimination software. The important thing is to get one and use it consistently. Spybot and PestPatrol are popular choices. I really like Spybot Search and Destroy. Besidesrepparttar 107776 fact that it is free, once spyware is identified,repparttar 107777 software will provide a detailed description of just what it is. This is helpful just in case it identifies something that you don't want to get rid of. Backup, Backup, Backup How often do you backup? What files/programs do you backup? What media do you backup to? We all knowrepparttar 107778 importance of backing up our information yet so many of us don’t do it. There may be a ton of reasons why it's not done butrepparttar 107779 one reason it should be done on a regular basis is that it can be a timesaver, possibly a business saver if your computer system is corrupted for any reason. If you happen to be using Windows XP Professional,repparttar 107780 backup procedure is quite simple. For users of XP Home Edition, it is a bit more involved. Complete instructions, however, are onrepparttar 107781 Microsoft website. Typically, data files are what most people need to back up and having well organized files will certainly simplifyrepparttar 107782 process. Whether you backup to disk, zip disk, DVD, writeable CDs, external file drive or utilize one ofrepparttar 107783 online services, it is important to get intorepparttar 107784 habit of backing up on a regular basis. Weekly Updates of Windows Windows users are automatically notified of current updates forrepparttar 107785 Windows operating system when your computer is turned on. With just a few clicks your operating system is updated. However, when certain patches become available for your particular applications software (XP, 2000, NT, etc), as was/isrepparttar 107786 case withrepparttar 107787 recent worm viruses, a visit to Microsoft's website is necessary. Once there, Microsoft will scan your computer, tell you what updates are available, and you then haverepparttar 107788 option of installing them on your system. In some cases, you will need your installation CDs to completerepparttar 107789 download. Withrepparttar 107790 recent run of viruses and with more expected, it is imperative to check for these updates weekly onrepparttar 107791 Microsoft website as well as dorepparttar 107792 automatic updates. Be Careful of Email Attachments Email is such a widely accepted method of communication, and this has not gone unnoticed by hackers who use email as a means of mass virus spread. For this final checkpoint, your due diligence isrepparttar 107793 only software required. Always delete any email from unknown senders and be very careful of any attachments you are not expecting from any known senders. As we have seen, hackers can quite easily access Outlook address books to spread viruses.

Byrepparttar 107794 way, including a fake email address in your address book will not prevent your PC from spreading viruses. This is an urban legend. If you’re interested inrepparttar 107795 full story, check out this link: When it comes torepparttar 107796 health of our computers, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Effective prevention software along with plain old common sense, used consistently, can keep you protected.

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Cache in your chips and get a bus!

Written by Seamus Dolly

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CACHE is not legal tender in most countries, but a type of memory that your CPU (central processing unit ) first looks for. It does this, not to be awkward, but more because it isrepparttar fastest route, from a users point of view.

In internet marketing, you have words like ROI (return of investment ), matrix, forced matrix, residual income ( money for years to come, for work done now ), multiple streams of income (residual income being one of them) and network marketing (affiliation, for example ). Residual income and multiple streams of income, combined, are mechanisms essential to growth over time. Its like having index-linked rental income, withoutrepparttar 107775 maintenance. Online success is pretty much guaranteed whereby a combination of approaches are used andrepparttar 107776 long term is considered as much asrepparttar 107777 short term. The prosperity is inrepparttar 107778 plan.

Seamus Dolly is a webmaster with a background in analogue electronics and mechanical engineering.

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