Are You Wasting Your Time Putting Out Fires?

Written by John Colanzi

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Smooth sailing now, right? Wrong!!!

Fire # 3 I received an email for someone who was looking for mailing lists, but didn't know me from a can of paint.

He let me know that he wouldn't buy anything from someone he didn't know, who didn't have any credentials.

My backs sore and I've got to pull that darned hose out again.

So what's my solution? I'm going to thank him for waking me up!! He did me two favors.

A. He made me realize I was losing sales because I didn't have a list of testimonials from satisfied customers posted.

B. He sparked this article which may help you from making some of my mistakes.

So now I've got a sore back from dragging out that hose. I've wasted time and I'm sure lost sales.

But looking onrepparttar bright side, I've learned a lesson and hope-fully helped saved you from a sore back.

Wishing You Success

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10 Ways To Keep Your Sales Above Water!

Written by Larry Dotson

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6. Compare your product's guarantee to your main competitors. Find a niche were your can design your guarantee to be more powerful.

7. Try not to assume your audience understands everything in your ad copy. If you have words they may not knowrepparttar meaning to, define them.

8. Build alliances with other online businesses. You could trade links or ads, create joint venture deals, cross promote your products, etc.

9. Design your web site to be a valuable resource for people. Include original content, links to other interesting web sites, ebooks, software, etc.

10. Compete withrepparttar 127447 highly branded businesses by practicing good customers service, strong product quality and speedy service.

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