Are You Using The Four Letter Word?

Written by Michael Hopkins

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The ebook must be more than just a blatant ad for your product or service. This could damage your reputation rather than enhance it. Keep your self-promotion present without being 'in your face'.

The content of your book must be useful and relevant to your target market. There's no point in giving away a FREE ebook that contains Internet marketing articles written by other people, if you're promoting guitar lessons. You'd be much better off doing a bit of research online and creating a short ebook onrepparttar history of guitar playing. After all,repparttar 125107 primary aim ofrepparttar 125108 FREE ebook is to build your reputation inrepparttar 125109 eyes of potential customers.

Encourage other webmasters/e-zine publishers to freely distribute your book to their visitors/readers. Be sure to state this clearly insiderepparttar 125110 book and anywhere you makerepparttar 125111 book available for download.

Offer to create customized versions ofrepparttar 125112 ebook for those webmasters who want it. For example, you could place an ad forrepparttar 125113 webmaster's site onrepparttar 125114 cover page. This will encourage him/her to work harder at giving it away, thus spreading your message to more people.

Promote your FREE ebook by listing it on shareware sites and in ebook directories as well as on your own website and e-zine.

So, get busy. Ask yourself what it is that your target market is interested in. Make a book that feeds that interest and then start giving it away!

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"Top Ten Ways To Promote Your Web Site!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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You can ask other web sites to swap links with you. For our FREE "Request A Link Form Letter" send to:

6. Write A Letter To The Editor.

Whenever you pick up a newspaper or magazine to read keep in mindrepparttar idea of writing in a comment torepparttar 125106 Editor and when you sign your name include your URL.

You might just get it printed and promoted in Time magazine!

7. Improve Your Keywords.

Visit web sites similar or related to your own web site by doing a keyword search at your favorite search engine and visitrepparttar 125107 top 20 sites returned.

Researchrepparttar 125108 "Keywords" used by those web sites so that you can also use them in hopes of improving your ranking.

8. Join A Web Ring.

A web ring, which links sites with similar interests, will improve your "popularity" standing forrepparttar 125109 search engines and also bring you targeted traffic.

Visitrepparttar 125110 original WebRing Organization,, as they list 1,045,092 of such sites! I am sure you will find one to match your web site content.

9. Ever get SPAM?

Return it with a polite "Not Interested" and then let your Signature, as described above, do all of your talking.

10. Register with a Banner Exchange Program.

Banner exchange programs, of which LinkExchange is one of if notrepparttar 125111 largest and oldest online, will provide you with some traffic and again, will increase your rank at many ofrepparttar 125112 top search engines.

For a FREE list of some ofrepparttar 125113 top Banner Exchanges:

Follow some as many of these "Top Ten Ways To Promote Your Web Site!" and you will see a dramatic increase inrepparttar 125114 amount of traffic and email that your web presence will generate for you.

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