Are You The Most Powerful Leader you Can Be?

Written by Jo Ball

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Strong leadership flows throughrepparttar group, bottom to top, top to bottom withrepparttar 143858 people atrepparttar 143859 bottom often inspiring, teaching and influencing as much asrepparttar 143860 people atrepparttar 143861 top.

Strong leadership is about developing purpose and responsibility – purpose being meaning and direction, responsibility being ‘ownership’ and taking charge.

And while good leaders will be in charge of their specialist area –repparttar 143862 classroom,repparttar 143863 office orrepparttar 143864 home – outstanding leaders will have defined their purpose in every area of their life, through home and career, right out intorepparttar 143865 community.

When powerful, outstanding leaders see something that needs changing they step up torepparttar 143866 mark and force change wherever they see it. They pull up their socks, roll up their sleeves and ask others to pitch in and join them.

True leadership is about encouraging everyone to lead. True leadership is about meaning. True leadership is about direction. True leadership is about taking responsibility wherever responsibility needs taking.

Best Wishes

Jo Ball Coach & Founder, Unstoppable Life

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