Are You The Driver Or The Passenger?

Written by Sonny Julius

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I finally reached this decision when I was forty-two years of age. I decided this business was no longer for me. My dad never really understood why I wanted to give it up even though I tried to explain why. I wasn't happy aboutrepparttar hours,repparttar 141913 compensation,repparttar 141914 stress and a host of other things usually demanded of a retail business.

The dream I had for becoming a commissioned sales representative kept popping up in my head overrepparttar 141915 years. I finally decided I was going to berepparttar 141916 "driver" and no longer a "passenger" on my road through life. So it wasn't long before I got my first job as a sales rep. However it only lasted about eighteen months. I became dissatisfied with not onlyrepparttar 141917 company butrepparttar 141918 sales manager as well. I had already lined up a position with another company so I wasn't without a job for very long. I spentrepparttar 141919 next twenty years with them until my retirement.

During those years in sales I wasrepparttar 141920 happiest I had ever been in my life. I earned more income during that time and was able to provide more things for my family too. Even though I traveled out of town every other week for about six years as a sales supervisor my wife was satisfied with that arrangement and so was I. I've come torepparttar 141921 conclusion that no matter what age you are make sure that you always decide what kind of life is right for you. Inrepparttar 141922 last six years my wife and I have spent halfrepparttar 141923 year in Florida andrepparttar 141924 other half in our primary home in Indiana. It was a big decision. During those times we are away from our children and grandchildren but we made that choice because we were tired ofrepparttar 141925 winters in Indiana. Once again we becamerepparttar 141926 "drivers" instead ofrepparttar 141927 "passengers" and made a choice ofrepparttar 141928 type of life we wanted to lead. Only you should decide which kind of journey you will be taking through life and how you will arrive there. Take charge. Remember it's "Your Life." Enjoy it torepparttar 141929 fullest. Copyright © 2004 All Rights Reserved

Sonny Julius is a retired sales supervisor. He has published an ebook geared to senior citizens. The ebook "Absolutely Senior" is a guide for living the senior lifestyle. He also has a Free weekly newsletter and offers personal coaching.

Abundance: The Fear of Abundance

Written by Carmellita Brown

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There is yet another group of people who fear abundance. Some individuals fear abundance because they believe that abundance will require hours and hours of hard work. The principle of Economy of Force orrepparttar Principle of Least Resistance contends that this is just not true.

To many of us are spending 16 hour days at working hoping and praying that soon all our "money" troubles will be over and we can retire inrepparttar 141912 Bahamas when we are 60 years old. Hah! Don't mean to burst anyone's bubble but it just ain't so.

We are not suppose to work hard. What? That's right. We are suppose to work creatively. That's whatrepparttar 141913 human Spirit desires. During times of stillness and quiet,repparttar 141914 Universe whispers plans, inventions, and ideas. These witty plans, inventions, and ideas are a part ofrepparttar 141915 creative energies ofrepparttar 141916 Universe waiting for our higher consciousness to receive it.

By stillingrepparttar 141917 mind in meditation, we discover this knowledge and wisdom. When we act on it. We create wealth. We create freedom. For each of these plans, inventions, ideas are serve a purpose and that purpose in to help humanity in some form. Therefore, it is already a demand for it. There are millions of people wanting it. All you need isrepparttar 141918 faith and courage to execute.

Your execution will seem effortless when you takerepparttar 141919 time to meditate and determine how each step should be carried out. Before long, you have tapped intorepparttar 141920 field of infinite possibilities where anything that is possible is possible. You have openedrepparttar 141921 flood gates to wealth and success and you are livingrepparttar 141922 abundant life.

Now what is so fearful about that?

While this group would be classified as a fear of success, there are those who have a fear of abundance because they just know they will fail. Again,repparttar 141923 Principle of Expectations contends that energy follows thoughts. Therefore, keep thinking it and it will happen. Here's a novel thought. Practicerepparttar 141924 Law of Detachment. In this law, you go throughrepparttar 141925 process doing all you can whilerepparttar 141926 Universe handlerepparttar 141927 details.

All you do is what you know how to do. You stay in meditation. Askingrepparttar 141928 Universe to show you what you should do next. After you have done it. You step back and letrepparttar 141929 Universe handlerepparttar 141930 rest. Ifrepparttar 141931 Universe says write a book. Learn what you need to learn to write it. Then, write it. You don't worry about "how many copies will I sell or ifrepparttar 141932 audience will like it or maybe it won't sell and I'll have to file bankruptcy."

Simply do what you know how to do. Meditate. Remain detached. Expectrepparttar 141933 best. Gain wisdom in what you are doing. Take each step expectingrepparttar 141934 best andrepparttar 141935 best will come. That's abundance in action.

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Carmellita Brown is Wellness and Success Coach. She is the instructor of the Online course entitled: “Abundance Training 101: The Universal Law of Abundance” available at: and the online Course entitled “Lose Weight While Becoming a Wellness Coach" available at

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