Are You Targeting The Wrong Keywords?

Written by Kalena Jordan

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To prove my point, I researchedrepparttar client’s chosen phrases using Wordtracker keyword software and then did comparison research usingrepparttar 128170 more logical phrases above. The results were crystal clear:repparttar 128171 logical, simplified phrases were many times more popular thanrepparttar 128172 "jargonized" ones. Once I demonstrated this torepparttar 128173 client, they were more than happy for us to conduct more thorough keyword research and start their search engine optimization campaign with a clean slate.

When selectingrepparttar 128174 keywords and phrases for your site, remember to select search terms that describe your products and services inrepparttar 128175 most logical, simple and specific way. By doing so you’ll not only increaserepparttar 128176 search engine traffic to your site, but you’ll ensure your visitors are highly qualified to buy your products and services when they arrive.

Article by Kalena Jordan, CEO of Web Rank. Kalena was one of the first search engine optimization experts in Australia & New Zealand and is well known and respected in her field. For more of her articles on search engine ranking and online marketing, please visit

LOOKs Can Be Deceiving

Written by Kalena Jordan

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- Wording used in Looksmart's announcement emails seems to deliberately mislead customers into believing their directory listings are going to disappear if they do nothing. The fact is thatrepparttar listings may or may not be removed - depending on how "essential"repparttar 128169 site is deemed to be by Looksmart Editors.

- Sites previously ranking well via their existing listings will, in all likelihood, lose these rankings whether they activate their PPC account or not, because preference will now be given to those who buy "relevancy keywords" as part of their listing.

- By their own admission, Looksmart is unlikely to delist big brand sites, even if they refuse to pay forrepparttar 128170 new scheme, because they are "critical to relevance". But wasn't this new scheme meant to benefit SMALL business?

- Looksmart claimrepparttar 128171 new program creates a lower cost of entry for small business whereasrepparttar 128172 start up costs actually come in at $50 more thanrepparttar 128173 old Basic Submit model used by those with smaller budgets, not to mentionrepparttar 128174 additional click costs.

- Apparently, LookSmart have been trying to force companies whose sites were included inrepparttar 128175 directory for free to convert to their paid programs. Looksmart's attitude to these sites is "having a free ride doesn't helprepparttar 128176 business model" and if they don't convert, they are likely to be removed.

- Underrepparttar 128177 old submission programs, a single web site could submit up to five different URLs. The new program institutes a one URL per site limit, dramatically reducingrepparttar 128178 ability to target and direct traffic torepparttar 128179 most relevant areas of your site.

- Many people who have activated their accounts and already received notification that their "free" clicks are used up are checking their logs and finding discrepancies betweenrepparttar 128180 number of clicks Looksmart say they have provided andrepparttar 128181 number of actual clicks to their site.

- Looksmart hadrepparttar 128182 audacity to call this new model an "upgrade" for existing clients, when in fact it reducesrepparttar 128183 value of their listing incredibly.

- According to industry leader Danny Sullivan, inrepparttar 128184 past few days, LookSmart has been automatically migrating accounts torepparttar 128185 new system regardless of whether customers give their permission by manually "activating".

Being an SEO, I have multiple Looksmart accounts for my own sites and those of my clients. I've already received six "Listing Traffic Interruption" emails. But I won't be giving them another cent. Why? Because no longer offers me or my clients value for money, for one thing. But more importantly,repparttar 128186 deceptive nature of their announcement and their decision to force existing customers to roll-over intorepparttar 128187 new system instead of "grandfathering" their listings demonstrates to me a complete lack of understanding of their own market. To put profits before customers might bring some short-term shareholder joy, but it will also guarantee a growing exodus of disappointed clients and users as they find more cost-effective and relevant search alternatives. In my book that's search engine suicide. Search engines and directories have done some pretty shifty things overrepparttar 128188 years, but never before have I seen such arrogance or disdain for customers as Looksmart have shown inrepparttar 128189 past two weeks. A post atrepparttar 128190 Web Master World search engine forums sums it up nicely: "L$ is likerepparttar 128191 mob and they just busted my kneecaps..." In fact this whole episode reeks of desperation, profiteering and deception on such a grand scale, you have to wonder if they are in serious financial muck. Whatever their motivations, it looks like they've already pressedrepparttar 128192 self-destruct button.

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Article by Kalena Jordan, CEO of Web Rank. Kalena was one of the first search engine optimization experts in Australia & New Zealand and is well known and respected in her field. For more of her articles on search engine ranking and online marketing, please visit

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