Are You Suffering from the Autopilot Dilemma?

Written by Jason M. Gracia

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This is your life we are talking about here. It's worth takingrepparttar time to breakrepparttar 142978 pattern of habit and creatingrepparttar 142979 changes you wish to make. There is little more that is as important asrepparttar 142980 life you create andrepparttar 142981 good you leave behind. Recognize if you are in a routine and break free.

IT'S NOT YOUR MORNING ROUTINE The routines I'm referring to are much deeper than a morning process of a shower and shave. I'm talking about turning off your brain and letting autopilot kick in. Doingrepparttar 142982 same things you didrepparttar 142983 day before with no plans to changerepparttar 142984 pattern any time soon.

You knowrepparttar 142985 drill - wake up, shower, work, home, sleep, repeat. This is no way to live, and you know that. But it's still hard to break free oncerepparttar 142986 routine has gotten hold of you. All hope is not lost. If you want to turn offrepparttar 142987 autopilot and start taking control of your life it takes only one moment to makerepparttar 142988 decision. And then everything changes.

You've heard it a thousands times, and it's a good thing, because it's true. If you keep doing what you have always done inrepparttar 142989 past you will keep gettingrepparttar 142990 exact same results. People experience a partial insanity when it comes to routine. Perfectly logical creatures believe that doingrepparttar 142991 same thing again and again will get different results. That's crazy!

If you want to lose weight but continue withrepparttar 142992 same eating habits, you won't lose weight. If you want to have more energy but stay up until four and get up at six it won't happen. You have goals, just like everyone else. If you are stuck in a routine you won't accomplish them. Be honest with yourself about this one. It'srepparttar 142993 only way you'll realizerepparttar 142994 need for a change before you can enjoy improvement.

BREAK THE PATTERN! What does it take? It takes a decision. A choice of what you really want to do with your life andrepparttar 142995 corresponding actions to make it happen. I want you to create a plan for your future andrepparttar 142996 goals you want to accomplish. If you know where you are going and how to get there you will not be disappointed inrepparttar 142997 end.

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Is the internet insecure because of You?

Written by Steve Cash

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3) Hide your IP address: Your IP address is just like your phone number, it links directly back to you. There are many reasons you may wish to hide your IP address. Preferable you do not want to be tracked aroundrepparttar web, itís just as bad as having a GPS in your mobile phone.

I have found a great tool that gives free anonymous surfing: Primedius. This tool is free for a limited time. I don't guarantee this service but I believe it performs to basic anonymous web-surfing standards.

4)Check those certificates: Your internet connection is not secure,repparttar 142977 data that travels between you andrepparttar 142978 site you may be browsing may pass through over 25 other computers. If you are sending very confidential information such as credit card payments, make surerepparttar 142979 address starts with an https. Also check thatrepparttar 142980 padlock on your browser is locked, and is valid forrepparttar 142981 specific site. This will ensure that you have a 128 bit encrypted connection withrepparttar 142982 website.

If you want secure email you may also have your emails encrypted too. A good free vendor is Hushmail. Your email security is more at risk than your web browsing; you must ensure your emails are safe.

5) Killrepparttar 142983 spyware Spyware are little programmes that can easily be picked up by surfing any website or downloading files. Spyware can pickup information from where you surf to your credit card details, this information then can be sold.

Microsoft has released a beta version of their upcoming anti spyware removal tool. This too works well, and I highly recommend this tool. Zonealarm also offer a free online spyware detector.

The information I have passed to you should be seriously considered. The internet is a very unsecure environment; you must ensure your data is safe from outside prying eyes. Make sure you are careful with any transaction you make. Never fool for any kind of email promotion, anyone who tries to sell to you through spam advertising is not trustworthy. Also make sure to checkrepparttar 142984 links from anything you click on, I have found numerous fake Paypal sites that try to steal your login and password.

Remember... it is up to you!

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