Are You Suffering From.... Paralysis Of Analysis?

Written by Livvie Matthews

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We are ofrepparttar opinion it has to be "perfect" before we can actually begin whatever it is we are trying to do.

We are stopped because we analyze this, and we analyze that, then....we analyzerepparttar 123894 analysis. By that time we have contracted.....Paralysis Of Analysis.

So what can you do to getrepparttar 123895 "feeling" back? To coin a phrase....."Just do it"!.....It doesn't have to be perfect. In fact, it won't ever be...perfect.

The term Ready, Aim, Fire comes to mind, however we need to.... Ready, FIRE, and then Aim. The point is to move yourself forward. You can always go back and make changes, fine tune it, ....."tweak" it. That comes from gaining knowledge and experience.

Now write that article, send it, that web site, publish it,......research that business, open it...... then go back and "tweak" it.

The fact you are reading this "published" (completed) article is a step..... onrepparttar 123896 road to recovery!

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Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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The radiant blue sky above serves as a canopy of light and shadow that lets imagination run free. The warming sun keeps thought at bay while a heavy heart finds ways to repair and renew itself. There inrepparttar fallen leaves that create a soft, warm bed is a tiny, newborn fawn. Its large gentle eyes take inrepparttar 123893 entire world, yet are unsure and take note of every movement. The ears are standing to insure that not one sound is undetected, but it filters most sounds to listen patiently forrepparttar 123894 return of its mother. Confidence is in its tiny heart and strength is growing in its long legs. It remains silent but not sleepy. You haverepparttar 123895 privilege of seeing this new life, but you have provided a lesson in its ever-expanding search for answers. There’s a clear lake torepparttar 123896 right that reflectsrepparttar 123897 colorrepparttar 123898 sky and adds a touch of white with each breeze. A family of geese glide cautiously by with their soft, fuzzy goslings. A regal white swan and her new brood swim quietly inrepparttar 123899 cool water knowing that tomorrow is just overrepparttar 123900 horizon and a little pastrepparttar 123901 sunset.

Just ahead isrepparttar 123902 cottage that you have been building since your birth. It is peaceful, serene and so inviting. The door is open and you need not knock. It is furnished with dreams and it glitters with hope. Goals linerepparttar 123903 walls and spirit brightens each corner. You can rest here until you are ready. Unburden your heart - and placerepparttar 123904 bundles of hurt or disappointment inrepparttar 123905 closet. They will be tended to whenrepparttar 123906 time is right but they will not become a part ofrepparttar 123907 cottage.

Once your strength has returned, you may return to your own reality. Before leaving, drink freely ofrepparttar 123908 warm broth of ideas and tasterepparttar 123909 morsels of endurance. They reach intorepparttar 123910 closet for your bundles - but to your delight, they have becomerepparttar 123911 sieze they should be - if indeed, they have not totally disappeared.

The trip to this magical place can take just a few moments in a busy day or a while longer atrepparttar 123912 end ofrepparttar 123913 day. Whenever and for whatever time it takes to visit - you will be glad you did. ENJOY !

©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 May

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