Are You Selling Hotdogs Or Pretzels?

Written by Al Martinovic

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You then implant an edible micropchip that makes hotdogs talk... "Eat Me!" but everyone else then doesrepparttar same thing and everyone's hotdog talksrepparttar 102404 talk but doesn't walkrepparttar 102405 walk. (Ok, I know I am getting carried away here)

But then a light bulb goes off in your head... you start selling grilled hot dogs instead and become a "niche" withinrepparttar 102406 hotdog niche. But then your competitors dorepparttar 102407 same and that silly street corner just got crowded again.

And inrepparttar 102408 end... no matter how you cook 'em, or market them, you're still trying to sell those darn hotdogs that everyone else is selling. There is just way too much competition forrepparttar 102409 average Joe to make any "real" money in this type of competitive atmosphere.

It's time to find your niche my friend. Forgetrepparttar 102410 hotdog business. While everyone else is slaving away trying to sell hotdogs...

Userepparttar 102411 marketing knowledge you obtained trying to sell those hotdogs... and apply it to sell something else instead, like pretzels.

You'll find that street corner has just gotten a lot less crowded and your making more money to boot. And you'll be laughing allrepparttar 102412 way torepparttar 102413 bank too as you pass by all those poor hotdog vendors who don't know what you know.

The money is inrepparttar 102414 niche...

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Written by Debbie Mullinax

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