Are You Safe Ordering Online?

Written by Michael Rock

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Whatrepparttar Online Store Owner Should Know:

"What'srepparttar 105866 process involved for getting a SSL Certificate?"

  1. Fill outrepparttar 105867 required information of name, address, phone number, etc.
  2. Certificates range from $39 to $1499. Typicallyrepparttar 105868 $39 one will work fine.
  3. You will get a 'phone authentication' call recording your voice stating your name for security and asking you to enter a 4 digit code that would be provided for you.
  4. After that has been verified you can installrepparttar 105869 SSL Certificate.

"What alternate ways are there to accept payments?"

  1. Check. But this way takes longer to achieve payment.
  2. COD Will you getrepparttar 105870 payment after it's delivered?
  3. PayPal Secure, but viewed as unprofessional. (I still offer it as an alternative though)

If you have a business that you would like to move online you should get a merchant account or have your 'brick and mortar' merchant account upgraded to online by adding a gateway. If you have any questions at all on anything about merchant accounts talk to Corey Bryant. He has an enormous amount of information on merchant accounts and setting up your business online. You can email him at You can also find a wealth of information about SSL certificates at

In Conclusion:

It is possible to have an unsecured transaction overrepparttar 105871 internet, but by far it is MUCH SAFER than handing your credit card over to someone who can jot down repparttar 105872 number and verification code onrepparttar 105873 back ofrepparttar 105874 card, or statingrepparttar 105875 card number overrepparttar 105876 phone for an order. I sincerely hope that I did not scare anyone off with this report, but gave themrepparttar 105877 knowledge on how to protect themselves.

Untilrepparttar 105878 next article have a great day!

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