Are You Really Ready to Telecommute?

Written by Angela Wu

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* Pressure to 'prove yourself': telecommuters sometimes feelrepparttar need to prove that they really are much more productive at home than their coworkers inrepparttar 132688 office. This can lead to long hours and significant stress.

* Lack of social contact: some people genuinely enjoy talking to their co-workers. When they being to work from home, they don't have that type of social interaction anymore. It's very easy to feel isolated and alone.

* Misconceptions about home workers: unfortunate but true, there are people who believe that anyone who "works from home" is really just lazing around and having a vacation day atrepparttar 132689 company's expense. Can you handle remarks of this nature from coworkers, or even friends and family?

Everyone focuses onrepparttar 132690 BENEFITS of telecommuting - no surprise, since who wouldn't enjoyrepparttar 132691 comfort and flexibility of working from home? However, it's important to also look atrepparttar 132692 problems surrounding telecommuting. Make no mistake, telecommuting is a change in LIFESTYLE! Only you can decide if it'srepparttar 132693 right one for you.

Angela used to telecommute for a large corporation, but now spends her days running an online business. She is the editor of Online Business Basics, a newsletter for eBusiness beginners. Visit her website at or email her at


Written by Gary Shawkey

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Next, takerepparttar top 10 names onrepparttar 132686 list and inrepparttar 132687 next five days take a concrete step that moves you toward doing business with them. Maybe they need more information about what you do. After you have finished withrepparttar 132688 top 10 move on torepparttar 132689 next 10 until you reachrepparttar 132690 end ofrepparttar 132691 list. During this process be sure and look carefully for LIKE MINDED people. Once you have completed this process a time or two you will notice thatrepparttar 132692 size of your community has grown. Expect it to grow morerepparttar 132693 more effort you put in.


How can a community of like minded individuals help you? If you get nothing more from this experiment than developing a group of contacts that can help you evaluate opportunities and give you HONEST feedback you will be way ahead ofrepparttar 132694 game. If, however you persevere and find that community of like minded people, you will reaprepparttar 132695 rewards for years to come.

Gary Shawkey has tapped the power of LIKE MINDED individuals to not only skyrocket his success but gain peace of mind in the process. Visit him today at:

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