Are You Ready To Lose Weight?

Written by K. O'Neill

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I don’t know what it is but it seems thatrepparttar first thing we have to do when deciding to lose weight is ask ourselves if we’re really ready for that kind of life change.

Are you ready to change your eating and exercise habits for good? Are you willing to move permanently towards a healthier way of life?

We also have to realize that letting go of extra weight requires letting go of other things as well. Likerepparttar 135856 way we might do things, orrepparttar 135857 way we think about food and eating. It requires us to be open to change, to be ready to see what works and what doesn't.

So before we choose a method of losing weight, we should decide if we’re truly READY to lose weight or not.

Key point: It’s ok, if you're not!

For one reason or another you might not be ready yet for a change in your lifestyle - that's ok. Accept yourself and wait until you are truly ready.

BUT if you are ready, if you are determined to lose weight WHATEVER it takes, if you're open torepparttar 135858 kind of life changes losing weight will require—then look out baby. Here you come!

Because when you decide that you’re truly ready to lose weight, nothing will stop you!

K. O'Neill is a contributing author to Diet and Weight Loss Reviews .

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Can Water Really Help You Lose Weight?

Written by Cassandra Germsheid

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- I bought a big 1.5L bottle and made sure I drank all of it beforerepparttar end ofrepparttar 135589 day. If I didn’t, I told my co-workers that they had permission to dump whatever was left on my head. - Before drinking that coffee or pop, force yourself to get another glass of water down. You will probably not even want anything else after that. - When you go torepparttar 135590 bathroom (and you will be going frequently at first), refuel yourself with another glass before going back to whatever it was that you were doing. - Measure how much water you need in a bottle or measuring cup, then you can see your goal forrepparttar 135591 day. - I played a game with myself while I was doing a puzzle. Every time I fit a piece intorepparttar 135592 puzzle, I would have to take a drink. It seems pretty silly, but it worked. I do puzzles pretty fast, so I downed almost 2 glasses in less than a half hour. Be careful though, drinking more than 48 fluid ounces can be dangerous to your health. - If you haven't reached your recommended daily intake byrepparttar 135593 end ofrepparttar 135594 day, eat some of your favorite fruits to compensate.

Use these ideas, or come up with your own tricks to help you reach your goal. You will notice a difference right away. I know I did. I felt better, I could see my stomach shrinking, and I found myself snacking less. It really works!

Cassandra Germsheid is the owner of Baby Tips Online ( She is a stay at home mother but sometimes works part time for her local newspaper.

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