Are You Ready To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

Written by John Colanzi

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If my readers likedrepparttar articles, maybe I should start submitting them to other publishers. The old mule was starting to pullrepparttar 129833 plow.

Was it worthrepparttar 129834 effort?

You bet!!

No matter how much I read aboutrepparttar 129835 benefits of writing articles, there were some I hadn't counted on. I wish I was double jointed, I'd kick myself inrepparttar 129836 bottom for waiting so long.

Every time I receive a positive email from someone who's enjoyed something I wrote, I feel as good as I felt when I received my initial feedback from a few of my readers.

There are so many positive, unexpected changes taking place that I count my blessings, that I was forced to step out of my comfort zone.

Napoleon Hill was right when he said that, "Every adversity brings with itrepparttar 129837 seeds of an equal or greater benefit."

So please, don't be like this old mule and wait to be hit by a two by four to start taking advantage ofrepparttar 129838 power of article writing.

If this dummy can do it, I know you can!!

Wishing You Success

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Written by Laraine Anne Barker

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TO, TOO, TWO To is a preposition meaning towards; too means also; two isrepparttar number after one.

VICIOUS, VISCOUS Vicious means savage, cruel; viscous means thick, gummy.

WAIST, WASTE Waist isrepparttar 129831 part of your body around which you fasten your belt; waste is stuff that's thrown away.

WAVE, WAIVE Wave means to flap your hand in farewell and as a noun is also a breaker onrepparttar 129832 beach; waive means to give up one's rights or claim.

WAVER, WAIVER Waver means to be undecided; waiver meansrepparttar 129833 giving up of one's rights or claim.

WEAK, WEEK Weak isrepparttar 129834 opposite of strong; week is seven days, Sunday to Saturday.

WET, WHET Wet as a verb means strictly to pour liquid on something, or soak something in liquid. You do not "wet" somebody's appetite for anything; you'll only land up doingrepparttar 129835 opposite of what you want! Instead, you whet it, which means to sharpen or stimulate.

WHICH, WITCH As a fantasy writer, I have trouble believing people get these two confused! Which is one of a group; witch is a sorcerer.

WHOSE, WHO'S This confusion is similar to its and it's. Whose is possessive, and who's is short for "who is".

YOUR, YOU'RE As inrepparttar 129836 previous entry, this confusion is similar to its and it's. Your is possessive and you're is short for "you are".

This isrepparttar 129837 end ofrepparttar 129838 present list, which is growing allrepparttar 129839 time. Updates will appear onrepparttar 129840 complete list on my web site.

Laraine Anne Barker writes fantasy for young people. Visit her web site at Fantasy for Children & Young Adults for FREE stories and novel excerpts. Sign up for the NOVELLA OF THE MONTH CLUB, absolutely FREE!

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