Are You Overlooking a Simple Revenue Generator?

Written by Dianne E. Dawson, M.A.

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Know what else I realized?

The dentistís office never called about scheduling that return visit.

Thatís lost revenue for them, especially sincerepparttar more time that goes by,repparttar 149087 less likelyrepparttar 149088 client is to call to make that appointment.

And it was easy revenue forrepparttar 149089 practice. Easy in thatrepparttar 149090 sale had already been made. I was totally agreeable to gettingrepparttar 149091 service, it was simply a scheduling matter.

How many times has your practice lost revenue because nobody pursued it?

It doesnít matter ifrepparttar 149092 client is checking their calendar, checking their insurance coverage, consulting with a spouse or simply thinking it over.

Make that follow-up call.

There is revenue atrepparttar 149093 other end of that telephone.

I work with self-employed professionals who believe that their private practice has reached a plateau Ė itís stuck! Ė and they donít know what to do to move things forward for greater profits and financial reward. If you arenít making the money you deserve for the effort you are putting in - stop spinning your wheels. Get your free Get-Acquainted Kit at

Powder Coating the PAINT TECHNIQUE that is ABOVE the REST

Written by Maricon Williams

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Powder coating can also be applied to steel, zinc, aluminum as well as to some other materials. The great thing about powder coating is that it hasrepparttar ability to withstand and surpassrepparttar 149086 originally painted parts of your motorcycle. And aside from that, there are also hundreds of colors to choose from. Likewise, powder coated motorcycle parts can also withstand acids, solvents, impacts and even abrasions.

The process of powder coating can be used to paint items including valve covers, wheels, trim parts, sway bars, bumpers, coil springs, strut bars as well as other items. For those who are interested there are online as well as offline powder coating companies that you may turn to. The usual thing required is for you to either shipped mail or bring personallyrepparttar 149087 part orrepparttar 149088 item of your motorcycle or even your car parts that you want to have powder coated.

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