Are You Maximizing Your Pay-Per-Click Returns?

Written by Chee Wee

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Searchrepparttar keywords which you have bid for and check for bid gaps between you and your competitors' bids. This should take you less than 30 minutes a week butrepparttar 101208 savings will be substantial.

What if I have a few hundred keywords in my bid list?

You will need a more efficient solution. A number of bid monitoring services have sprung up acrossrepparttar 101209 Internet. For a monthly fee based on number of keywords monitored, they will monitor your keywords for bid gaps daily and notify you when there are opportunities for savings.

If you use more than one pay-per-click engine, most of these services can monitor bid gaps across multiple engines. Your savings in time and money will be significant, especially if you have placed expensive bids.

Here is a list of online bid monitoring services available:

ClickPatrol Engines monitored: GoTo, Sprinks, FindWhat, Ah-ha, Kanoodle

Keyword Bid Optimizer Engines monitored: GoTo, FindWhat, Ah-ha, Epilot

ManageBid Engines monitored: GoTo, FindWhat, Epilot, Kanoodle, Netflip, Bay9, SearchFeed, 7Search

Position Guardian Engines monitored: Goto

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Two New Advertising Options

Written by Dan Grossman

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You can read more aboutrepparttar Google AdWords program or sign up at offersrepparttar 101207 "Jeeves Text Sponsorship Network," where you can have your text ad seen alongside search engine results on participating sites including MSN, Searchalot,, SuperCyberSearch, and Direct Hit. To see how it works, try searchingrepparttar 101208 keyword "free" at both and one ofrepparttar 101209 participating sites,

You'll notice, downrepparttar 101210 right-hand column, several text links. These are sponsorship links purchased throughrepparttar 101211 Jeeves Text Sponsorship Network. It works much likerepparttar 101212 Google AdWords program except for pricing. At Google, you pay based onrepparttar 101213 popularity of your ad, based onrepparttar 101214 number of click throughs. The advertiser on any one keyword withrepparttar 101215 highest click-through ratio getsrepparttar 101216 highest spot, and therefore paysrepparttar 101217 most. Withrepparttar 101218 Jeeves program, you bid onrepparttar 101219 space, much like The difference is you're bidding on CPM, or cost per thousand impressions, not per click. Bidding starts at only half a cent per click or $5CPM.

Another benefit ofrepparttar 101220 Jeeves program is that your ad is not as limited in size asrepparttar 101221 AdWords program. You get up to 40 characters for your title and 150 characters for your description. Google limits your ads there to a 25 character headline and two 35 character lines for a description.

You can learn more aboutrepparttar 101222 Jeeves Text Sponsorship Network or sign up at

Whether you choose to try AdWords,repparttar 101223 Jeeves Text, or both, these are powerful new ways to invest your advertising dollars for low-cost, targeted traffic to your website. With rising bids at paid-placement search engines, these may easily become more reasonable ways to drive new traffic to your website.

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