Are You Making This Embarrassing E-Mail Mistake?

Written by Nick Nichols

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"If he hasn't called or tried to contact me by June 20th, I should call him to see if there's anything else I don't need from his company."

Inrepparttar meantime, I've been anxiously waiting for you to "touch base" with me.

You see, I really have nothing better to do than to read pointless follow-up email messages from people who have no idea whether or not I really need what they have to offer.

Byrepparttar 109618 way, your company overview was fascinating reading. I can't tell you how glad I was to get it. I printed it out and put it up on my bulletin board just in case I ever need to refer to it.

When friends visit my office, I always make sure they see it.

No, I don't have any questions. I'm terribly sorry about that. I tell you what, why don't I take a few hours and think of some for you -- so you can send me more pointless email messages in response.

Once again, thanks so much for wasting my time. I really appreciate it.


P.S. What's an "Enterprise Solution?" Are you related to Captain Kirk?

Harsh? Maybe. Amusing? Possibly. Instructional? I hope so! Email follow-up is no different than telephone follow-up in that it must be relevant, it must provide some kind of new information, and it must have a strong call to action! This is crucial!

One final rant: Aren't you getting tired of hearing about "enterprise solutions?" The concept is so broadly applied and overused it really has no meaning anymore.

I urge you to review your email messages and other marketing communications and be mercilessly brutal in excising any and all meaningless jargon.

Replace it with customer-focused, benefit-oriented statements, and I'll bet your sales get an immediate bump upward.

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Email Marketing - 8 Tips How NOT to Get Your Advertisement Read

Written by Edward Gause

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- If your email begins with "Thank you for sending information on your money making opportunity, now look at mine…" - TRASH! If I'm a responsible emailer, I KNOW who I sent information to. If I can't remember, I must be a spammer.

- If anywhere in your email, you have a statement that begins with "This email is not spam…" - TRASH! If you have to say it, then it's spam! - If anywhere in your email, you haverepparttar statement that's similar to "Under Bill s.1618 TITLE III passed byrepparttar 109617 105th U.S. Congress this letter cannot be considered spam…" - TRASH! Again, if you have to say it, then it's spam! Do your research. The bill never passed. Also, last time I checked, U.S. laws don't apply to other countries.

- If anywhere in your email, you promise that I can lots of money with little or no work - TRASH! Don't insult my intelligence.

There you have it. Eight effective techniques to NOT get your email advertisement read. Use them wisely and best of luck!

Edward Gause is webmaster of the Cynted Internet Marketing Center and publisher of the Cynted Chronicle, a bi-weekly ezine targeting the interests of novice internet marketers. To subscribe, email: or visit

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