Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Business?

Written by Jennifer Tripp

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Some ofrepparttar best things you can do are:

- Build Trust - Providing testimonials, free trials, money back guarantees and a Privacy Policy will all help your customers trust you. The more confidence people have in you and your ability to deliver what you say you will,repparttar 116914 more likely they’ll be to takerepparttar 116915 action you want.

- Keep Your Product Offers Relevant - No matter how tempted you may be to promote an unrelated product or service because it pays a high commission, DON'T! There is an old saying that you should keep in mind at all times, "stick to your knitting". In other words, stick with what you've been doing.

- Get An Email Address For As Many Visitors As Possible – This can be when they order, sign up for your newsletter, request an information package, enter a contest, request a special report, sign up for a trial/demo, or whatever action makes sense for your business. Having this address allows you to follow up with them and turn them from prospects to customers.

- Make The Perceived Value Extremely High - The higherrepparttar 116916 perceived value of your offering,repparttar 116917 fewer objections you will receive. To add value, consider additional products and services you can offer to purchasers. This can be a special report, an ebook or even some of your time. Just make sure that whatever you offer it's not readily available for free on another site. Otherwise this technique will haverepparttar 116918 opposite effect and make your offer look less valuable.

Mistake #3: Not Treating it Like a Business

Too many small business owners fall into bad habits early on and end up treating their business more like a hobby than a business.

Here are a few things you can do to treat your business like a business:

- Stick To A Schedule – Just like you would with a regular job, develop a work schedule for your small business and stick to it. This will keep you focused and you’ll be more productive.

- Get Help When You Need It – You can’t be an expert at all things. If you don’t know how to build websites, write copy or dorepparttar 116919 accounting, find someone who does. Doing so will let you focus on what you do well instead of wasting your time and leaving you frustrated.

- Work Hard At It - That’s right, good old-fashioned elbow grease will always get you further then searching forrepparttar 116920 “secret to success”.

Are you making any of these mistakes in your business? If so now isrepparttar 116921 time to make some changes!

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Company Comparison Worksheet

Written by Diane Drayer

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11) Many companies provide Representatives with a company approved website. If you plan to market your business online, this will be vital to your success. Does your company provide a website and if so, what isrepparttar cost?_______ If they do not, can I design my own?

12) Some companies authorize Representatives to deduct their commissions prior to sending inrepparttar 116913 Show Order, while others require all monies collected forwarded to home office and then commission checks are issues monthly or twice per month. How are you required to submit payment for a show?

13) How often are commission checks issued..monthly, twice monthly or weekly? My experience has been that most issue monthly. Be sure to ask as there are some that offer twice monthly and weekly.

14) Many companies now ship their products directly torepparttar 116914 consumer or Hostess, however, there are few that require Representatives to delivery a Show or products. Am I required to delivery products?

15) With some opportunities, Representatives are encouraged to stock products to have on hand for eager customers. Will I be required to stock or carry inventory?

16) Most companies allow their Representatives to purchase products or display items at a special discount. Are Representatives allowed to purchase products at a discount and if so, what isrepparttar 116915 discount?

17) Have them explainrepparttar 116916 commission structure and levels of achievement as it varies greatly by company. What is your commission structure?

18) Do they offer additional incentives, such as trips, a cash bonus and etc.?

19) What type of support is available?

As with any business, finding what works for you and your lifestyle will berepparttar 116917 key. Take time to research opportunities and consider whetherrepparttar 116918 business and support team will be a good match for you.

Diane Drayer has been working in the Direct Selling profession for the past 10 years. She owns, as well, as The Direct Selling Newsletter, a print publication designed with the Direct Seller – Home Party Plan professional in mind.

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