Are You Living On An Island Of Fear?

Written by Dave Cole

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The Pacific Ocean wasrepparttar obstacle. His opponent was his own fears of overcoming that obstacle.

He made a plan to escape. The day arrived and Hanks set sail aboard a make shift, rinky dink raft of logs tied together with tree bark and video tape.

He met every adversityrepparttar 123960 South Pacific could throw at him. It wasn't easy, but finally, repparttar 123961 rescue came.

The movie portrayed a very intense drama. An analogy of what life is like for many people. Thousands of folks every day feel trapped in a nowhere life. They feel like their life is being wasted, like they are going nowhere, on a nowhere island with little hope of escape.

Every day these people trudge off to a boring and hopeless job that offers only an existence but no real sense of satisfaction in life as accomplishing anything.

These people know there is a better life out there, a life they so desire, yet it seems so far away. They are trapped on their own island of despair.

Held there, not byrepparttar 123962 island itself, but by their own fears of not being able to overcomerepparttar 123963 adversity and opposition that lies between them and their dreams.

A few do escape from that island. They arerepparttar 123964 ones who finally become sick and tired of living a wasted life, they arerepparttar 123965 ones who overcome repparttar 123966 fear inside.

They start out from their island, not really knowing if they will make it or not. But they look that sea of difficulties square inrepparttar 123967 eye and say, inrepparttar 123968 unforgettable words of Admiral David Farragut, "Damnrepparttar 123969 torpedoes, full speed ahead."

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Positive Energy Sources

Written by Myrtis Smith

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push to make it throughrepparttar day. But using negative energy sources will take its toll on your body and mind, often leaving you feeling worse than you started. Sorepparttar 123959 next time you find yourself in a mid-afternoon slump, try one of repparttar 123960 sources below for an energy boost instead of reaching for that candy bar or cup of coffee.

1. Exercise 2. Sleep 3. Children (their laughter is contagious) 4. Motivational books or tapes 5. Food (the nutrient rich type, notrepparttar 123961 caffeine or sugar laden type) 6. Positive people 7. Successful people (who also are often positive people) 8. Pets 9. Music 10. Meditation

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