Are You Happy Being an Affiliate?

Written by David McKenzie

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1. Are you happy to re-sell somebody's product?

2. Are you willing to accept a commission for each sale rather thanrepparttar full sale itself? Most ofrepparttar 102483 time your commissions will be 50% and below.

3. Are you happy being told what marketing materials you should use byrepparttar 102484 affiliate program manager?

4. Are you happy to wait up to a month or more to receive your check?

5. Are you happy to compete with many other affiliates re-sellingrepparttar 102485 same product?

If you can answer yes to these questions then you can be happy being an affiliate.

Happy affiliates makerepparttar 102486 most money. Make sure you are happy being an affiliate as your chances of success will dramatically improve.

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8 Reasons Why People Don't Visit Your MLM Web Site

Written by Talbert Williams

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7. You don't offer a free online utility. When you offer a utility that can solve a problem, people will visit your web site. The utility could be a free autoresponder,e-mail account, search engine submission, etc.

8. You don't offer free current information. Supply news stories related to your web site. People want up-to-date news onrepparttar topics they are interested in.They will also be interested in visiting your web site.

Begin as you mean to continue,

Talbert Williams

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