Are You Forgetting About Your Success in MLM?

Written by Andre Best

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He said he was there to sell cars and make money. He didn't need to know HOW they were made. His job was to just let his prospect's see/touch/feelrepparttar car.

His job was simply to getrepparttar 122497 car in their hands, so to speak. To get them to experiencerepparttar 122498 car.

Butrepparttar 122499 bottom line was that he truly was IGNORANCE ON FIRE.

He also broke all sales records forrepparttar 122500 entire distributorship. Week after week. Month after month.

And you know what else?

He never got around to reading those books teaching aboutrepparttar 122501 cars.

He just didrepparttar 122502 business. And he made money without knowing every single little detail about what he was selling.

He didn't need to because he found out thatrepparttar 122503 people who were looking atrepparttar 122504 cars basically 'sold themselves' and they were just looking for some assurance from him that they had made a good decision.

He was so bubbly fromrepparttar 122505 get-go, AND having so much fun at it that his attitude was contagious torepparttar 122506 people he was sellingrepparttar 122507 car to.

A $20,000 car here.

A $35,000 car there.

Throw in this $5,000 option package to that truck andrepparttar 122508 total is $42,545.

He was something to watch.



Getting back to YOU.

And your MLM business. And whatrepparttar 122509 companies are doing to us.

At leastrepparttar 122510 one's that tell us to focus onrepparttar 122511 products first.

What you need to do to ensure that YOU stay fired up with your new business is that you don't lose sight of why you joined your MLM inrepparttar 122512 first place.


You joined to make money.

You joined to make an income.

It doesn't matter what you are selling.

It doesn't matter whatrepparttar 122513 ingredients are and which section of Nepal or Bermuda or Iceland they came from.

It doesn't matter how many grams of this or that they contain and how wonderful it will be on your circulatory system.

3.9, 4.5, or 6 cents a minute through a T1 connection onrepparttar 122514 backbone ofrepparttar 122515 Internet.

So what!!!

Just share with your prospects what they really want to know....

-- "How can I make money with your MLM deal?"

After all,...

That's why MLM exists now, isn't it?

To help 'the little person' make money?

So, I ask you...why dorepparttar 122516 MLM companies tell us that we need to focus onrepparttar 122517 products and learn all that there is humanly possible to know about them?

What is this so-called approach about after all?

How about so you are focusing on ONLY selling THEIR products, instead of building YOUR business signing up new business distributors who will help you get that residual income?...

...And atrepparttar 122518 same time you build your residual bonus check, you're keeping money out of their pockets.

Of course, I'm just guessing.


Although a lot of people will tell you it's about 'sharing'repparttar 122519 products. Let's get real here.

MLM is about SELLING!

Selling yourself.

Sellingrepparttar 122520 business.

And sellingrepparttar 122521 products.

You 'sell yourself' by who you are being.

You 'sellrepparttar 122522 business' by what it can offer to people.

You 'sellrepparttar 122523 products' by what they can do.

That's it.

So when someone asks you....

"Hey, MLM distributor, what does this product contain and didn'trepparttar 122524 government put out this paper on this ingredient a couple of years ago showing how it had this effect on this limited number of this focus group and they said it did this and this and this to them? Didn't it do that? Didn't they say that in that paper?"

You know what you say to that person? How about...

"I don't know. I'm building a money-making business here. But if you want I can find someone atrepparttar 122525 head office who can answer your question."


So, remember to NEVER forgot why you joined MLM inrepparttar 122526 first place.

To make money.

And remember to imagine yourself working at your favorite fast food chain franchise. Or one of those secret-ingredient chicken places where they never tell anybody what's in that special coating they use.

Just because you don't knowrepparttar 122527 special ingredients inrepparttar 122528 coating, does that mean that you can't sell that fast-food?

NO, of course not.

Just because you don't know everything about YOUR MLM products fromrepparttar 122529 very first day in your new business, does that mean that you can't go out intorepparttar 122530 world and sponsor folks into your downline?

Of course not.

Just because you may never bother to learn about allrepparttar 122531 details of this or that or what this product does or how that one does what it does... does that mean you can't continue sellingrepparttar 122532 products orrepparttar 122533 service?

Of course not.

Just tell folks "I don't know what's in it. All I know is what it did for me and this is what it did...blah blah blah."

That's it.

And what happens from that?

You grow yourself a nice little BUSINESS income.

And you give yourself what you got into this inrepparttar 122534 first place for.

You give yourselfrepparttar 122535 chance to makerepparttar 122536 money that attracted you to MLM inrepparttar 122537 first place.

So, stop that studying.

And start that selling, or sharing, if you will.

Makerepparttar 122538 money that attracted you to MLM inrepparttar 122539 first place.

Andre Best is the owner of - a generic MLM resource site offering over 400 printed pages of unique information for struggling and beginning MLM/network marketers.

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Are Doubler The Next Million Dollar Program?

Written by Damon Smith

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The second was built from watching others that did not make repparttar grade and is getting ready to launch any day. The site is very well put together and I even knowrepparttar 122496 team that are behindrepparttar 122497 sceens!

So what makes these sites legal? Any program onrepparttar 122498 internet that has to do with marketing and advertising has to have a product to be able to stick torepparttar 122499 rules set fourth byrepparttar 122500 internet cops! Yes there are people that look for programs that have SCAMS written all over them and they are just around to take your money.

Doublers are not one of these sites (Yet) But I am sure there will be someone out there that uses something like this to grab that almighty dollar and run with it so be careful! I have already ran into one that said that it lost it's database and gave people back their money but only in repparttar 122501 form of putting it back intorepparttar 122502 system. When I tried to take my funds out ofrepparttar 122503 system all I got was unanswered emails and it is still in there! (Lesson well learned!)

But forrepparttar 122504 most part these programs do work, Some of them have even found ways of helping your advertising for a product that you might have or affiliate program you might be promoting. And it is not something that is FFA's and Classified ads which is a complete wast of time and money!

So in closing be sure to check out any program that you join, But also check outrepparttar 122505 new WAVE onrepparttar 122506 internet in these doublers! They will make you very happy as money always seems to have that effect on people (Like Me)

Dont just jump into a doubler without first seeing what their product is and who is behindrepparttar 122507 program itself. If you are not sure how to do this you can go to a site like and look uprepparttar 122508 domain name under Whois. This kind of site will help you find outrepparttar 122509 name ofrepparttar 122510 person and give you information on them that you can use to see who they are.

So are affiliate programs a thing ofrepparttar 122511 past? NO but there are other ways forrepparttar 122512 normal person to come online and find a great way to get intorepparttar 122513 income part ofrepparttar 122514 internet. I really thinkrepparttar 122515 guy that invented these little scripts was tired of seeing people lose their money and figured out how he could makerepparttar 122516 best out of a bad common way of earning online.

Good luck in your ventures and happy doubleing!

Regards, Damon Smith Publisher,HaileysComet Weekly eZine

About The Author:

Damon Smith has been publishing online forrepparttar 122517 last 4 years. He has worked with some ofrepparttar 122518 biggest names in marketing and advertising and has helped hundreds of new comers find their way to making a income online You can check out his site and subscribe to his weekly newsletter by going torepparttar 122519 like below

Damon Smith is a successful publisher that sends people to programs that earn money. He is also the publisher of one of the most successful newsletters online today! What to know more about doublers and how they work? Contact Damon at

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