Are You Fit To Love?

Written by Allie Ochs

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Jennifer had lunch with her friend Sally at a quaint restaurant. Jennifer could barley wait to sharerepparttar details about her affair with this young stud. Sally listened in awe as Jennifer blamed her so-called inattentive husband, Paul. It was a strange twist of fate that Paul sat behindrepparttar 149204 flower-decorated lattice wall listening to every word his wife said. From here on life took a different turn. Jennifer had deceived her husband Paul and lostrepparttar 149205 respect of Sally. This is a high price to pay for moments of sex.

In our quest for better relationships, we must make our relationship a priority. We must focus on our relationship not elsewhere.

Authenticity: True love only happens when you are real

Have you ever found yourself laughing simply because everyone else did? Agreed with your partner’s opinion even though you didn’t share it or said: “I love you” when you didn’t mean it. Did you ever do something inconsistent with your true self just to please someone or to get what you wanted? Of course we all have. We have lostrepparttar 149206 bravery to be real!

For many there is quite a gap betweenrepparttar 149207 inside andrepparttar 149208 person they present torepparttar 149209 world. How about Toni,repparttar 149210 dad who rents a Porsche to impress his date, while being delinquent in child support. Debby spends every Sunday at Grant’s parents but resents it. To keeprepparttar 149211 peace, she refrains from claiming some of these Sundays on her terms.

To be validated we often compromise who we are. Conditioned by our environment we have become products ofrepparttar 149212 culture we live in. No matter how good we are at playing roles eventually our truth emerges. Being fit to love means being real. When we are authentic our relationships become real and we never have to doubt them.

Regardless ofrepparttar 149213 state of our relationships or how unsuccessfully we have tried to find love we haverepparttar 149214 power to radically change today. Mutual respect, moral responsibility and authenticity are key to exceptional relationships. People in exceptional relationships are fit to love and inrepparttar 149215 process they reap some profound rewards:

·They live much happier lives ·They cope far better with stress ·They have better sex more often ·They laugh more often and have more fun ·They are healthier and live longer ·They are more optimistic ·They feel more secure and stable

No wonder we envy these people. In times like these, laced with tremendous uncertainty their relationships are like rock-solid anchors. Mahatma Gandhi said: “A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it isrepparttar 149216 prerogative ofrepparttar 149217 brave”. Let’s be brave!

© 2005 Allie Ochs is a speaker, relationship coach and author of: Are You Fit To Love? Her book has received the honorable mention at the USA 2004 Best Book Awards. She has appeared on TV, Radio and is published in numerous magazines and newsletters. To order her book or take the Fit 2 Love! Test visit her website For Free Relationship/Dating Advice e-mail:

Beauty Divine

Written by Advice Diva

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The first person you need to impress is yourself. When you look good you feel good. Take advantage of what modern science has created inrepparttar field of beauty. From gettingrepparttar 148932 basic proper shampoo and conditioner for you hair to hair regrowth products and surgery, from makeup to enhance your features to elective surgery for more dramatic effects. Your wardrobe should be a priority issue as well. If you are still showing up atrepparttar 148933 door to pick up your date in those same ripped jeans you have had sincerepparttar 148934 1980's, think about a complete wardrobe overhaul. Getting in shape is an absolute must. Not only does it show that you care about your body, it is essential for your health and it will help you to feel great physically and emotionally. The better you feel about yourself,repparttar 148935 more confident you will appear. And confidence is a very sexy and appealing part of your overall appearance.

In her book Dr. Etcoff assumes that people, mostly men, are more attracted to beautiful people for short term relationships while beauty is less important when seeking a committed relationship. However, it is that attractive quality of sex appeal which will get you inrepparttar 148936 door. When you are just getting to know people for dating purposes such as withrepparttar 148937 use of online dating resources, your appearance is going to be one ofrepparttar 148938 most compelling forces in attracting dates. Everyone wants someone to fall in love with them forrepparttar 148939 right reasons, but you can't change basic human instinct andrepparttar 148940 natural affinity for beauty. You don't have to berepparttar 148941 most beautiful or most handsome person inrepparttar 148942 room, but you can takerepparttar 148943 time and effort to lookrepparttar 148944 best you possibly can.

The Advice Diva has written four self-help guides on relationships and dating which can be found at She also hosts an online advice column which is completely free of charge. The Diva does not claim to be an expert in any field. However, she has the ability to understand relationships through past experience and her incredible insight.

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