"Are You Doing It on a Regular Basis?"

Written by Merle

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MONTHLY: Even though many ezine publishers go with a monthly schedule, it does have its drawbacks. Mailing just once a month can cause a subscriber to forget who you are or that they even subscribed to your ezine inrepparttar first place. Many a Spam compliant has started this way. Don't get me wrong, I subscribe to many monthly ezines myself, but sometimes byrepparttar 124349 time I receive an issue I've almost forgotten I was subscribed to it. It just doesn't seem often enough to keeprepparttar 124350 publication fresh in my mind. Onrepparttar 124351 plus side it's not too much that you're messages become annoying.

So there you have it;repparttar 124352 options for choosing an appropriate publishing schedule. Which one is right for you will depend on your time constraints and what you're trying to accomplish with your ezine. So next time someone tells you it'srepparttar 124353 size that matters don't believe it -- frequency can makerepparttar 124354 difference between a memorable newsletter and one that just fades intorepparttar 124355 woodwork.

So how often are you doing it?

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The Sticky Issue of E-zine Schedules

Written by Alexandria K. Brown

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Other good days are Wednesdays and Thursdays, according to other sales pros. However, I ignore all this and publish on Fridays, simply because it's my favorite day. ; )

5. Once you've set your schedule, stick to it! Setting a schedule suggests to your readers that you're organized and can meet deadlines. No matter how busy you are, sending out your e-zine at random looks flaky and unprofessional.

Now, we're all human and take vacations, get sick, and get plain busy. So what do you do when you just CAN'T get that new issue out? Do a rerun. Choose a past issue from more than six months ago that you got great feedback on. Republish it with a little intro that says something like, "Hey folks, right now I'm sipping drinks onrepparttar beach in Bali, so by popular request, here's a rerun of one of our best articles. We'll be back next week with fresh, insightful content!" Of course, only say something like that if you are actually on vacation -- people do understand that you take time off.

Otherwise, never share that you're behind schedule or too busy to write your next issue - that would tell your readers that they come last on your list. If you must, stretchrepparttar 124348 truth a bit, and say you're at a conference, traveling, etc.

6. Try to have one or two issues completed in advance that can be sent out at a moment's notice. This is great for those times when an emergency strikes or you're too swamped to write a new issue. The next time you get a few ideas at once (and don't they seem to come in multiples?), get psyched up and whip out a few at once. You can always edit them later - just get repparttar 124349 ideas out of your head and onto your screen.

(E-zine Queen Secret Tip: Need a little extra inspiration? Try whipping up a fresh margarita - works for me, every time! Just be sure to do an extra proofread later on. ; ))

7. For a low-maintenance e-zine, tip well! Who says you need to write in-depth articles? Everyone's time is short, so readers LOVE quick tips. Tips are easy to put together when you're close to deadline, also meaning you'll be more likely to stay on schedule. So if you're tight on time, publish simple monthly or weekly tips instead of detailed articles.

This article is an excerpt from "Boost Business With Your Own E-zine," by Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen." To learn more about this complete manual to e-zine publishing and to sign up for her FREE biweekly newsletter for e-zine publishers, visit http://www.ezine-queen.com now. Don't miss the next issue!

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