Are You Copernic Conscious?

Written by John Calder

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But Copernic's real strength is in their Agent and Summarizer products. Copernic Agent, available in free Basic, and paid Personal and Professional versions, is a desktop based meta-search tool forrepparttar web. With it, you can search multiple search engines simultaneously, with all results sorted by relevance. The more advancedrepparttar 133395 version,repparttar 133396 more options you have for searching, organizing, filtering, and savingrepparttar 133397 results.

The Copernic Summarizer can improve your efficiency by creating summaries ofrepparttar 133398 important text portions of web pages, PDF documents, email, and Word files. You can even have a small floating pane on your desktop that instantly offers web page summaries. As with their Agent software, you can save and email summarization results.

Agent Pro and Summarizer together offer a powerful research tool that could offer Internet marketers an advantage.

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Technology and Coping with Disaster

Written by John Savageau

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Telecommunications and information technology are key components in our ability to respond to disaster. As real time information is collected, it is available immediately to all participants inrepparttar relief effort. Other technology in particular military technology, can easily serve a duel use purpose in a disaster. The same troop transports designed to carry soldiers to war can carry refugees from a disaster. The same photo reconnaissance aircraft used to spy on enemies can provide a clear view ofrepparttar 133394 extent of damage. The same technology used to collect electronic intelligence can locate attempts to use mobile phones, radios, and even audio signals of people stranded in remote areas. Infrared scanning used to identify enemy soldiers in a bunker or building can just as easily locate a family stranded in a jungle.

If you comparerepparttar 133395 current response torepparttar 133396 Indian Ocean tsunami torepparttar 133397 effects of tsunami damage following eruption ofrepparttar 133398 Krakatoa volcano in 1883 ( ), you can seerepparttar 133399 extent of damage from that disaster was not even known for several decades.

In most cases disaster cannot be predicted. We are making progress predicting earthquakes, hurricanes, and eruptions however science is no closer to effective disaster prediction than we are in fully understandingrepparttar 133400 human genome. Through effective use of communications, information technology, and duel use military/civilian technology transfer, we are getting much closer to reducingrepparttar 133401 level of pain following an event.

2005 will be a big year in further exploitingrepparttar 133402 potential of Internet and communications-related technology. Givenrepparttar 133403 positive moves toward regional cooperation in activities such as MPAT, we should be encouraged our governments understandrepparttar 133404 need and role of technology in planning was well as responding to regional disaster.

John Savageau is a managing director at CRG-West, responsible for managing operations and architecture for several of the largest telecommunications interconnect facilities in the US, including One Wilshire in Los Angeles

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