Are You Committing Affiliate Suicide?

Written by Gareth Longbottom

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Also, look for a company that offers continued training, support and motivation from both your upline andrepparttar company itself.

I would also choose one that is free to join and has a way for you to build your business up on any budget and in your own time . Ifrepparttar 117224 opportunity is proven to turn it's affiliates into successful home business owners, then they know you will in turn be generatingrepparttar 117225 company a profit. So why would they charge you to join and risk frightening you away with a sign-up fee?

Think about that for a minute and I am sure you will come torepparttar 117226 right conclusion!

I would also go for a company that offers a chance for you to generate residual income, (i.e.: get paid many times for work you do just once) otherwise you will spend most of your time trying to find new customers rather than helping your affiliates become a success.

By helping your affiliates and downlines become successful you will in turn become successful yourself.

Last but not least, you need to be prepared to commit to your opportunity for at least 12 months to give yourself a chance of success. I hear a lot of people saying that three months is long enough to know whetherrepparttar 117227 opportunity will work for you, but it will probably take you that long to learn all aboutrepparttar 117228 opportunity and how to getrepparttar 117229 most out of it. If by spending just 5-10 hours per week for 12 months you could be earning thousands of dollars each month , don't you think that would be worth your time and effort?

Remember, be proud of your opportunity and enjoy your online business and that will come through to your prospects and affiliates. Within 1 to 2 years you could be earning more each month than you did all last year.

Stay with it and never give up your dreams.

Gareth Longbottom is an online business owner and trainer with the #1 independently rated Home Business Opportunity in the world. Take a look and see if you fit into his highly motivated team.

The Three Main Powers Of Network Marketing

Written by Kirk Bannerman

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Now, lets consider RESIDUAL INCOME:

When someone mentions residual income many people automatically think of actors or musicians.

Residual income is recurring income that you continue to receive long afterrepparttar work you've done to produce it has ended. There are lots of ways to produce residual income. However, many people don't understand it, and still others have never thought about or been exposed to it.

A very simple example of residual income is interest earned on money inrepparttar 117223 bank or investments. You continue to receive this income without having to invest any more time to produce it.

Suppose you hadrepparttar 117224 choice of doing a job and earning $1,000 once, or getting paid $50/month forrepparttar 117225 rest of your life…which would you choose? If you choserepparttar 117226 $50/month you obviously “get”repparttar 117227 concept of residual income.

Clearly, $50/month will surpass a single payment of $1,000 relatively quickly. And if it lasts for a few years, or better yet -repparttar 117228 rest of your life - it will really be a blessing.

Residual income is certainly not about "getting rich quickly", even though withrepparttar 117229 right opportunity it's possible to produce a substantial residual income stream in a relatively short time.

Most people who fail at network marketing either chooserepparttar 117230 wrong network organization or just give up too soon and quit because they expect overnight results. It is important to recognize thatrepparttar 117231 real beauty of residual income is onrepparttar 117232 back end, notrepparttar 117233 front, and that once you build it you haverepparttar 117234 financial security and time flexibility to do just about anything you desire forrepparttar 117235 rest of your life!

Last, but not least, lets address GEOMETRIC GROWTH (DUPLICATION):

The classic illustration of geometric growth isrepparttar 117236 frequently used penny-a-day example.

If you save one penny onrepparttar 117237 first day, and double it every successive day, (day two you have 2 pennies and day three you have 4 pennies, and so on) how much will you have atrepparttar 117238 end of 30 days?

The answer, torepparttar 117239 astonishment of many, is $5,368,708! Amazing, but true.

That's a simple and dramatic illustration of how networking can work. If I can teach you, I've doubled myself. If we each teach someone else, we've doubled again. As this duplication or geometric growth process goes on and on, it can produce some amazing results in a relatively short period of time, just likerepparttar 117240 penny example above.

So there you have it, understand and apply these three principles

1) Leverage (of Time and Money) 2) Residual Income 3) Geometric Growth Through Duplication

and, given sufficient time and effort, you should enjoy a successful and financially rewarding network marketing experience.

Kirk Bannerman operates a successful home based business and resides in California. For more details, visit his website at

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