Are You Comfortable Driving Your Car?

Written by Lincoln Fan

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Not only isrepparttar Lincoln a looker, but itís safety ratings are great. Beautiful Ė and safe. When you choose a Lincoln, you are choosing a car that reflects you and your family both at home in your neighborhood and at work. Give themrepparttar 141887 best impression possible. Looks and brains with safety a top priority.

In fact,repparttar 141888 safety features are quite extensive. Town cars are equipped with dual-stage front airbags, and side-impact airbags. In addition, antilock brakes are standard in all models.

Other standard features onrepparttar 141889 Lincoln sedans include:

▪ Power driver seats ▪ Automatic climate control ▪ Power adjustable pedals ▪ Child safety door locks ▪ Vehicle Anti-Theft ▪ Traction control ▪ Trunk Anti-Trap Device ▪ Power Windows ▪ Keyless entry

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Driving us mad? The ten worst driving habits exposed

Written by Sophie Evans

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5.Those who throw their litter out ofrepparttar car window. People didnít mindrepparttar 141753 odd apple core thrown intorepparttar 141754 bushes; itísrepparttar 141755 McDonalds wrappers inrepparttar 141756 middle ofrepparttar 141757 road that really bothers our customers.

6.The huge amount of people who never indicate. Itís dangerous, itís annoying and itís rude! What more can we say?

7.People who userepparttar 141758 wrong lane at roundabouts were at number seven onrepparttar 141759 list. It may be confusing at some roundabouts where there are lots of lanes, but there are simple rules when it comes to roundabout etiquette.

8.People who drive at break neck speeds wherever they go. Statistics show that speed does kill and irritatingly you know thatrepparttar 141760 guy going 110mph wonít get stopped byrepparttar 141761 police, it will be you doing 75!

9.Overtaking on single carriageways when there is oncoming traffic. This speaks for itself and endangersrepparttar 141762 lives of more than justrepparttar 141763 offending driver.

10.The final point to make it ontorepparttar 141764 list was motorists who change lanes and cut up other drivers. These people donít use their mirrors and have poor judgement of distance. Everyone makes mistakes, so ifrepparttar 141765 other driver waves an apology then thatís fine. Itís when they are oblivious torepparttar 141766 trail of destruction they leave behind them that people become really annoyed.


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