Are You Clenching?

Written by Michelle Jacobson

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4. Take your hand away from your mouth. Twist your wrist so that you open your hand palm-up.

Letting Go It has risen. God has taken it. He will take care of it because He cares for you!

Don't take it back! It's too bad but sometimes we people don't let go easily. If there was something worrying you then chances are you wouldn't beg to get it again and again!

God said that He would provide all our needs in (Philippians 4:19). God said that if we ask anything according to His will He hears us, and if we know that He hears us then we will get what we asked Him for (1John 5:14,15).

Just let go of it! Quit clenching it and staying in bondage because of it! He's already said that He's taken care of you!

Don't wait! Read God's Word (the Bible) to find out more!

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-Michelle Jacobson

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The Taxation of Religion

Written by Punkerslut

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As history has shown us,repparttar church may potentially do anything. They may make charity, but deny Homosexuals. They may give service, but deny African Americans. To other religions, they preach intolerance and bitterness, encouraging an aura of misunderstanding --repparttar 137339 embers to violence, cruelty, and brutality. Then, I askrepparttar 137340 question again: why arerepparttar 137341 churches exempt from taxation? The taxes ofrepparttar 137342 people that are collected to ensure a smooth-running society are used in a variety of ways: they build schools and teach children, they help run social programs such as welfare and food stamps, and they lend foreign aid to countries in dire poverty. Whenrepparttar 137343 church has gains, it may build schools, but they might teach children racism, or intolerance, or sexism, orrepparttar 137344 idea that Evolution is an evil, underground conspiracy, or a number of ridiculous and heartless things. The church might run a charity, but they might just refuse admittance by Homosexuals, members of certain races or religions, or people who dress differently. And,repparttar 137345 church might donate some of its income to other charities, but they might refuse charity to any hospital that performs abortions. Yes, we have seenrepparttar 137346 churches do all of these things. There is no doubt to these questions. There is no conjecture in my theory. The church has burdenedrepparttar 137347 society of men with bigotry and prejudice, making us fight each other when we could have been learning new ways of love, affection, and happiness.

When churches are exempt from taxes, an apologist will often say: "It is becauserepparttar 137348 money ofrepparttar 137349 churches goes torepparttar 137350 same causes as taxes: to helprepparttar 137351 general order of society, with charities, schools, andrepparttar 137352 like." But, by understanding our current social situation, andrepparttar 137353 one ofrepparttar 137354 past millenium, it is not difficult to see how wrong such an apology is. Churches must be taxed, so that their income can be fairly used and not employed to create racism and poverty. The same must apply to any religious organization. I am not arguing that churches cannot dorepparttar 137355 incredible things that they already do, at least legally. Ethics is another question. I am only arguing that, as private organizations that are allowed to such activity, they must be legitimately required to pay taxes. The churches have their own interests, just as businesses have their interests of maintaining a profit and cutting back on cost. Just as a business is required to pay taxes, so should a church. The difference is non-existent.

Men and women who profess to believe in a god, a goddess, or a multiple of them, are exercising their rights as living creatures. I can never argue against a person's right to believe what they will, to share what they believe, to practice their religion or philosophy in an attempt to satisfyrepparttar 137356 burnings of their heart. So long as a person's actions do not offendrepparttar 137357 sweetness of justice,repparttar 137358 only argument I can offer him might be one onrepparttar 137359 logical errors of what he believes. And even then, I will not say a word about what he hasrepparttar 137360 right to believe or practice. Ultimately, what is real or not real is something for each of us to decide. As a person who highly values Freethought andrepparttar 137361 independence of spirit, I will always find myself combating religion, not unlike any other revolutionary who fights ignorance or superstition. Amongrepparttar 137362 great contradictions of religion, there isrepparttar 137363 question onrepparttar 137364 thoughts of god. When a religious follower tells you their ideas of what god believes, you will be hearing a speech about what this religious follower believes -- so it follows a person who believes in god and "knows" what god thinks will rarely disagree with god. And, so we have it today, with millions of religions, each thinking that god thinks something different. In actuality, what god believes is just what their religious followers believe. After all, if god believed in something different thanrepparttar 137365 religious follower, why would they continue believing something false? Even with this logic, there remains a slew of religions out there. They have their right to exist and preach, as much as I have my right to criticize and think.

For Life, Punkerslut

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