Are You Building on Sand or Rock?

Written by Holly Cotter

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Again,repparttar bible hasrepparttar 117478 answer: We need to be as little children.

When children are learning to walk, how many times do they fall down? 10, 100, 1000, more?

The answer is: It doesn't matter how many times they fall down -- they always get back up and try again...until they have fully masteredrepparttar 117479 skill of walking.

How many times have you tried to achieverepparttar 117480 success you desire? 3, 5, 10, more?

It doesn't matter how many times you fail, as long as you get back up and keep on trying until you succeed!

This is where having "Faith in your upline" becomes important.

First, it is crucial you find a mentor who:

- Is successful. - Is willing to share their secrets to success with you. - Believes in your ability to achieverepparttar 117481 success you desire.

And, above all, your mentor must be HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY since you will be puttingrepparttar 117482 future of your business in their hands until you have learned to walk.

Once you have found a mentor, work closely with him or her. Make time to read and study allrepparttar 117483 materials they recommend to you. Apply any business-building or marketing strategies they say are crucial torepparttar 117484 success of your business. And, above all...

Don't abandon your business whenrepparttar 117485 storms come!

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Cover Your Costs from Day One!

Written by Holly Cotter

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The RIGHT way to use coupons is...

BEFORE going torepparttar store, putrepparttar 117477 money you will save with your coupons into a jar (if you have just one coupon for 30 cents then put 30 cents in your jar; if you have several coupons adding up to $3.45 then put $3.45 in your jar).

NOW you can go torepparttar 117478 store and use your coupons, and you will truly have SAVEDrepparttar 117479 money. The money you save can then be used to help cover your monthly business costs.

5. Pay attention to where your money goes!

- How many of us run off to work every day without time enough to pack a lunch, so we end up spending money on eating lunch at a restaurant? I know I did...often. I was spending at least $25 per week (that's $100-$125 a month!) on eating lunches myself...on workdays.

Instead of trying to make time inrepparttar 117480 morning to pack a lunch, why not pack a lunchrepparttar 117481 night before? And, if you have a microwave available at work, you can even pack something to heat up so you don't feel tempted to "go out" for a hot lunch.

- How much money do you spend on sodas? As with everything else, it costs more to buy one soda than it does for a six-pack or a 2-liter bottle. Why not buy soda in large quantities, and bring several servings to work with you.

Or, to REALLY save money, instead of drinking soda, why not switch to iced tea or crystal light. You can make a large batch at home and then bring it to work in a jug.

- Are you a coffee drinker? Instead of paying for your coffee byrepparttar 117482 cup, why not invest in a large thermos and bring your coffee to work with you.

- Are you addicted to sweets like me? Instead of spending repparttar 117483 money on candy bars and other snacks from machines or in convenience stores, why not bake a batch of cookies or brownies. You'll save money, and you'll have better-tasting snacks.

Or, if you prefer a candy bar, purchase them in large packs atrepparttar 117484 grocery store and bring them to work with you -- it'll still be cheaper than paying for each candy bar separately.

And, these are just a FEW ofrepparttar 117485 ways you can save money... allowing you to easily findrepparttar 117486 money to invest in your business.

If you implement even a couple ofrepparttar 117487 strategies in this article, you'll be able to save enough money so thatrepparttar 117488 cost of starting your business doesn't put a financial strain on your monthly budget.

Holly specializes in teaching others how to build multiple streams of income on the internet using automation. Subscribe to Holly's popular ezine: Sign up for Holly's FREE wealth-building eCourse:

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