Are You Building Your Internet Presence Or Are You Just Working Programs?

Written by Lois Thompson

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Again, your own domain name is extremely valuable. It can serve as your own product or brand name onrepparttar internet.

Let's do brainstorming for your domain name. Here are some pointers in choosing your domain name:

1). Choose a name which reflects and promotes your business.

2). Choose names that are catchy phrases. Why? they are easy for people to remember, therefore easier to identify you with. But they are also a great investment. Had you or I registered a catchy domain name like ' ' we would have been retired very rich. That name was sold at auction

for a few million dollars, and it cost less than $100 to register it for 2 years.

3). Register names which are Keyword rich. This can greatly improve your search engine ranking, simply be using keywords in your domain name. 4). How about your own name, it is unique to you.

5). Of course, if you currently have a domain with one ofrepparttar 108320 shorter 23 character or less, or a .net, .org, by all means register a new longer keyword loaded name. Now you can register a domain name with up to 67 characters. It is reported that there are more searches for .com, that any other.

Before registering your domain name you will need to check it's availability in 'whois.' You can do so here:

Now, with having your domain, there are many options for building your web site. There are pre-designed domain web sites, saving lots of money and time over custom built ones. They allow you to add your own ideas, pictures or links to your current business and/or program. But, you may choose to have one custom designed. Both of these services can be obtained at a very reasonable cost. You can find more information on that here:

With over 80 million Internet surfers onrepparttar 108321 Web each day, it is inevitable, all serious entrepreneurs will need a domain web site. It is reported that there are 50,000 domain names being registered each and every day. That's over 1,500,000 per month and growing.

How many of those could you sell while more effectively promoting your current business/program? While at it, why not sell Web site services? Everyone coming onrepparttar 108322 Internet with any intentions of making it big and stayingrepparttar 108323 course will be in need of these same services too.

Lois Thompson of Prudco Marketing. Lois is a Web Consultant and moderator of buildingwealth eGroup. mailto:


Written by Peggy Tibbetts

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One week later my children’s novel, “Carly’s Ghost” arrived fromrepparttar publisher several months earlier than I expected. Overnight I had two books to promote and only one web site. My focus onrepparttar 108319 book title was practical in theory but could turn out to be expensive in practice. I certainly couldn’t afford to publish a new web site every time I have a book released.

For help in solving this dilemma, I called Scott Forler at Prairie Web, my web hosting service. Impressed withrepparttar 108320 amount of traffic at my newly debuted site, he recognized I’d hit on something positive with my design. Building on that initial bump, we put together a plan to cover not onlyrepparttar 108321 release of “Carly’s Ghost” but all future releases. I purchasedrepparttar 108322 domain name forrepparttar 108323 title, Next I replacedrepparttar 108324 home page with a splash page featuringrepparttar 108325 cover images of both books, accessible from both urls: and Visitors can click on either book cover, orrepparttar 108326 text instructions.

Each book has its own home page. The two books are together onrepparttar 108327 splash page. The only other link between their pages is atrepparttar 108328 “Aboutrepparttar 108329 author” page. Each book’s pages carryrepparttar 108330 banner designed for that particular book and cover image. But I keptrepparttar 108331 side barsrepparttar 108332 same color and usedrepparttar 108333 same basic framework for both books’ pages. Again to let visitors know they’re still at my site while they’re clicking about.

For future releases, instead of publishing a new web site, all I have to do is publishrepparttar 108334 new book’s cover image onrepparttar 108335 splash page, and add a set of web pages.

An attractive web site and terrific reviews definitely keeps visitors there. To make sales you want them to bookmark your site so they’ll return. The way I do that is by updating, sometimes as often as once a week; adding reviews, sites that feature my books, posting articles, and other news about my books. Visitors quickly recognize fresh information. Putrepparttar 108336 emphasis onrepparttar 108337 enjoyment of your visitors, and they’ll keep coming back. That’srepparttar 108338 most effective way to make sales.

Peggy Tibbetts is the author of the 5 star political thriller, Rumors of War and the 5 star children’s mystery, Carly’s Ghost

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