Are You Being Mislead By Your Current Computer Dealer?

Written by Sean Dion

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gains that makerepparttar Pentium 4 processorrepparttar 107835 technological marvel that it is. So few, in fact, that Intel actually tracks those 62 programs on their website. Granted, there are a few areas where a computer with a Pentium 4 really does "shine" -- gaming, photography, video and music come to mind. In other words, ifrepparttar 107836 main reason you have your computer is to play Warcraft III Reign of Chaos, or if you are looking to burn downloaded Internet music to a cd-rom, then you may just berepparttar 107837 perfect candidate for a computer with a Pentium 4 processor in it. Forrepparttar 107838 rest us, though, spending that unnecessary money can only be considered a luxury.

Consider this -- If Microsoft’s latest version of Office Professional runs flawlessly on a $239 Pentium 2-400MHz computer, does it really surprise you that Intel findsrepparttar 107839 need to spend so much money trying to convince you torepparttar 107840 contrary? Well … now you know better.

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Sean Dion is the Director of Sales for Hargadon Computer, Inc. The company started the project in July of ’99 as a catalyst to get high quality, low-cost, and fully warranted computer equipment into the school market. Last year, the company sold nearly 10,000 of their refurbished Dell Optiplex computers to schools across the country. Contact sales TOLL FREE, at (877)778-5668 or by e-mail at if you have any questions or comments.

What is DNS?

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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If a DNS server doesn't haverepparttar data to answer a request, it makes a request to a root-name server. The root-name server will returnrepparttar 107834 address of a DNS server whererepparttar 107835 data can be found.

Each domain name onrepparttar 107836 Internet is required to be listed on a minimum of two DNS servers. This is so if one ofrepparttar 107837 DNS servers goes down, requests forrepparttar 107838 domains address can still be answered.

DNS also performs IP address to domain name translation. This makes it possible for servers to log accesses and for administrators to perform certain administrative and security tasks.

Information communicated overrepparttar 107839 Internet is broken into "packets" by Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). TCP attachesrepparttar 107840 IP address ofrepparttar 107841 requested domain to each packet so that they can be routed torepparttar 107842 domain. TCP also attachesrepparttar 107843 IP address ofrepparttar 107844 requesting computer torepparttar 107845 packets so that responses can be routed back.

When you enter, or click on, a web address in your browser,repparttar 107846 Internet's Domain Name Service (DNS) translatesrepparttar 107847 web address torepparttar 107848 web sites IP address. This is only part ofrepparttar 107849 story of how your computer connects torepparttar 107850 Web site you requested. In a future article you'll learn aboutrepparttar 107851 amazing process performed by routers. ---------------------------------------------------------- Resource Box: Copyright(C)2002 Bucaro TecHelp. To learn how to maintain your computer and use it more effectively to design a Web site and make money onrepparttar 107852 Web visit To subscribe to Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter Send a blank email to ----------------------------------------------------------


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